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Picnic Food Ideas And More for a Gentleman’s Picnic

Spring has already arrived and the weather is begging you to go outside depending on what part of the United States you live in. This is not your ordinary romantic luxury picnic article but instead is tailored to the Aspiring Gentleman because you don’t do the ordinary picnic food.









I’ve mentioned before that one of the great things about being a digital nomad is being able to spend time with my family – in my case, my siblings all live nearby and some of all of them have little ones. A flexible schedule allows me to do things while others might be in their office working. Sometimes, it can be doing simple things with my nieces and nephews like walking to the park or strapping one of the toddlers into my Diono car seat for a trip to the zoo. The more underrated activity is a picnic in the park with the most entertaining company–your children, nieces, or nephews.

Picnic Preparation

I always prepare for a trip the night before as I’m really not a morning person.  That often involves a long look at the weather.  My waterproof JBL Charge 3 bluetooth speaker is brilliant in that it can withstand the rain and unfortunate spills so we can have some music while we eat.  But if it looks like the weather might be too bad, then the whole picnic gets moved indoors and I can use the smaller Fabriq smart speaker to drown out any unfortunate crying and save the day with some soothing lullabies as needed.

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The main concept of a picnic is to eat outdoors. That’s where the picking the right picnic food comes in handy.

Picnic Snacks For The Kids

Lots of kids love the salty snacks as opposed to sweet ones but something like the Gaea Olive Snack Packs are low-calorie and have no additives in them. They use authentic Greek flavors and cure the salty urge during any picnic.

Fruit snacks are also popular with kids and the Go Organically® Fruit Snacks and Welch’s® Fruit Snacks are the two I have tried and tested with the little ones. Both taste great and supply loads of Vitamin A and E while being gluten and preservative-free. That surely pleases my sisters’.

Flavored water is a tasty way for the kids to stay hydrated while playing on a picnic.  AquaBall’s naturally flavored water has no calories, sugar, or preservatives and comes in four different flavors, all with famous characters on the bottle such as Disney’s Frozen and Marvel’s Avengers so that always attracts the kid’s attention.

Picnic Food Snacks For the adults

Often my sister will come along on these picnics and sometimes the children’s friends and their parents so I have to pack for the adults in these situations.  Pasta salad is a good option Explore Cuisine offers something a little different with pasta using beans, lentils, peas, and rice for a vegan, gluten-free, and nutrient filled way to boost your energy levels.

My personal favorite for good reason is jerky. For a simple selection of healthy snacks, I often use The New Primal jerky.  These offer a variety of items in one pack and allow me to have something filled with protein to keep my energy levels up during the day.  All of the items are made with free-range turkey and 100% grass-fed beef while being gluten-free, non-GMO, hormone and antibiotics free plus there’s no added sugar.

There are two packs, the Classic Flavors Sampler ($32.95) that includes 1 of the original beef jerky, spicy jerky, and turkey jerky as well as two of the classic beef sticks, spicy beef sticks, and classic turnkey sticks.  There is also the Meat Sticks Sampler ($41.95) that has three classic beef, spicy beef, and turkey stick as well as three habanero pineapple beef, cilantro lime, BBQ pork, and uncured bacon pork sticks in it.

When snacks simply won’t just it’s just you and the kids I can suggest Wild Garden’s Mediterranean line of quick marinades and heat-and-serve pilafs. The bulgar wheat (cereal food made from whole wheat partially boiled then dried) in tomato sauce and herbs was a personal favorite of the ones I tried. But with more time and energy it’s not hard to prepare something like this one below.

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For sugar boosts, Viki’s Granola “on-the-go” Packs help to give you a boost when the kids have stolen all your energy while the Popcorn: The Little Kernel is a new addition to the snacks market that uses hulless miniature kernels.  The snacks are gluten and dairy-free and use only certified whole grains.

For the ultra-healthy snack fan, there are Carrington Farms Organic Milled Flax Paks that allow you to throw all the goodness of these amazing little seeds into any dish.  I enjoy mixing mine with yogurt.  Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes from Munk Pack’s are ready to eat and use real fruit with whole grains for the ideal picnic snack.

Lastly, there’s sparkling water and here I’ve discovered  Sparkling Ice, which is slightly carbonates with a range of vitamins and antioxidants while having no calories and being sodium-free.

What Option for Best Picnic Food?

This is a glimpse inside my picnic basket for myself, the children, and other adults who might come along.  Healthy and nutritious, these snacks offer a great way to recharge the energy levels while getting plenty of great nutrition and can easily be adapted to an indoor picnic as well as an outdoor one.

Many of the items featured in this article were provided to Aspiring Gentleman for review. All opinions are our own.