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Playing Games Online During a long Flight

Playing online games
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Ways to Pass Time During a Flight

So, the plane takes off, and you are finally on the way to your destination. Now comes the hard part. You have several hours to fill before the flight is ready to land, and you need something to do. You could sleep, but that may make your jet-lag worse. You could listen to music, but that will only fill so much time. Why not try doing something productive or unleashing your creative side? Take advantage of this downtime, we some great Ways to Pass Time During a Flight. Not only will these tips make your trip go by faster, but they can help you catch up on all those projects that keep getting pushed back or just sit back relax and enjoy playing games online. 

You will need to prepare a little before you go. So, load your tablet or ebook reader with some books and pack some paper books too if you have the space in your carry-on. While you’re up in the air, try these activities to pass the time.

Playing online games
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Challenges and Puzzles

People who travel a lot love occupying their time doing crosswords and sudoku puzzles. These puzzles offer a range of different difficulty levels, so you can find something that is challenging without being too frustrating. These puzzles will give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement, and will also make the time fly by. There are paper books and magazines full of puzzles.

Playing Games Online

Most flights have WiFi if you want some excitement while sitting it that tight seat on the plane, why not go over to an online casino and have some fun. We know a majority of people love online casino games, 46% of people in the UK play the lottery. What better way to pass the time then to play these cool slot games Monopoly Megaways or Mega Masks. They are always coming out with new slot games, so you will never get bored. 

Online slot games
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Make Something Special

Is writing a novel or short story on your bucket list? Do you have a project that you’ve meant to work on for years? Now is your chance! Travel is a good way of focusing the mind. There are fewer distractions, so you’ll end up being more productive, and who knows what you can get done if you put your mind to it.

Plan Your Trip

On your way to your destination, study those guidebooks, and make a list of all the things that you want to see and do. If you’re going somewhere with a different language, spend some time learning the language. You don’t have to be fluent, but learning the numbers, directions, and some polite greetings will set you apart from other tourists and could make the locals more friendly. On the way back home, use your flight time to sort through all those photos you took.

Relax and Meditate

Put on some noise-canceling headphones and enjoy a peaceful environment. Use Headspace, Oak, or some other meditation app to spend a bit of time in the zone. Learning to deal with stress is useful if you suffer from anxiety related to flying, and it is an excellent way to mentally recharge too.

Catch Up on those Series or Movies

Catch Up on those Series or Movies
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Do you have a TV series or a movie that you’ve meant to get around to watching, but haven’t yet? Are you behind on your favorite author’s books? Flights are an excellent time to catch up on that sort of thing and can help keep you entertained. Load up your e-reader with all the content you’ve meant to watch, and by the time you land, you’ll be ‘up to date’ with the latest media. 


Airplane seats can be a little cramped, and a long flight can increase your risk of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. Don’t feel like you have to stay in your seat the whole flight, get up and move around from time to time. Try doing some gentle at-seat stretching too. It will make the flight pass more quickly, and it will also help you to feel more comfortable. You’ll be glad when you land, and your joints haven’t seized up!

Be Productive

Take the time on the flight to write those reports that you had fallen behind on, catch up on personal tasks and paperwork, pay some bills, and send some emails. These are jobs that you don’t tend to get around to when you’re on the ground, but you’re stuck on the plane, so why not get them done. Use these Ways to Pass Time During a Flight as you’ll have more peace of mind at your destination, knowing that you’re up to date on all that important work, and you’ll get a lot done too! But don’t forget to take little downtime from your work and get some time Playing Games Online to de-stress.