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Your Style: More Than Just Fashion and Grooming

When we think about personal style, the first things that usually spring to mind are grooming and fashion. These are a big part about the way we present ourselves physically, and of course will reflect our style and personality. But it doesn’t stop there, there are other elements of your life that say a lot about you. Whether you want to create a good impression or just want to have fun and enjoy styling and design, here are some of the choices you make that say a lot about you. Are you curious about the way you’re coming across to the people in your life? This might give you an insight!

Your Home

Our home is where we spend a significant amount of our free time, it’s where we sleep, relax, eat, spend time with loved ones and enjoy hobbies. The design, decor and furniture you choose to surround yourself with says a lot about you. First of all, it shows whether you’re a tidy and organised person, or a little more carefree. Are your possessions neatly organised in cupboards and drawers, or strewn around the place? Do you have hand towels neatly folded in the bathroom, and a nicely presented guest room for when loved ones stay over? What kinds of colours have you chosen, and what kind of art have you put on the walls? If you own your own property and have made changes to things like kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures and fitting, these can say a lot about you too. They will show whether you’re a fan of traditional or contemporary, whether you’re into bold design or sleek lines and whether you take pride in your home or see it as more of a just place to lay your head.

Your Bookshelf

Your bookshelf (or lack thereof) can say so much about you, what kind of literature do you like to read? Is your shelf full of the classics, or novels of a specific genre? Are you into self help books, or is it packed full of cookery books of different cuisines? It will certainly give an insight into your personality, hobbies and interests. If you want to give guests an insight into what you like, display your books proudly! Invest in a nice bookshelf, it could be a full unit or just a wall shelf with a couple of bookends depending on how big your collection is. No need to throw them in a drawer and let them gather dust, not only will a shelf make a nice display piece but with them visible you’re more likely to grab one and read the books you love.

Your Refrigerator

Whenever you watch MTV’s Cribs, you always get a peek into the celebrity’s fridge, and that’s because it really does tell a lot about a person. Is yours organised or disorganised? Is it packed with the essentials, or do you let it run bare before dashing to the grocery store? What kind of food and drinks do you buy– are they healthy, unhealthy or a mix? Maybe yours is a treasure trove of random items you love, or perhaps you have everything neatly organised into baskets and tupperware and labelled. You might not be a famous celeb on an episode of Cribs, sure. But if you throw dinner parties, barbeques, if you socialise and generally have people over then your loved ones will get a good nosey into your fridge when they’re grabbing drinks. What does yours say about you? If you want to be a more organised person, stock up on some essentials. Things like eggs, butter, condiments and bottles of drink won’t go out of date quickly. Food boxes for storing leftovers are a kitchen essential, and you can find fridge organisers and storage baskets in loads of places. Most of us are not naturally organised people, even very prepared and methodical individuals often have to work at it.

Your Garden

As well as your home and the items inside it, your garden says a lot about you too. It’s your front garden that will be the first thing that people see, this creates kerb appeal. People will assume that the exterior reflects the interior, so regardless of how well kept it is inside, a scruffy garden will let you down. Is your garden very smart and tidy? Well manicured lawns, swept and jet washed paths, perfectly maintained beds and borders? Is it a little more creative, with interesting displays of more unusual plants and flowers? Is there a quirky gnome or two peeking out from around the foliage? Perhaps you have lots of wildlife attracting plants and flowers, a bird table and/ or a bird bath to help our native insects and animals. Either way, a quick glance into someone’s garden can give a snapshot into their style and personality so is something to bear in mind if you want to know how you’re portraying yourself!

Your Car

Most of us spend a significant amount of time in the car. Whether it’s driving to and from work, running errands or travelling places for fun. The car you choose and the way you present that car is another huge insight into you, and a reflection of your style. When you’re a little younger, lower wages and high insurance costs mean you usually have to just pick the car that’s the cheapest and most economical. But later on, you can really have fun with your vehicle, save up and buy something you love. Have you chosen a saloon, estate, hatchback or SUV? Each of these things can be an indicator of your lifestyle. How about the paintwork, is it immaculate or a little more battered and bruised? What’s the interior like, is it clean and tidy, or full of junk? These are all things that people can look at and get an impression of you. Any customisations you have made will be a huge indicator of the style of the person driving. From personalised car registrations to custom paint jobs, tinted windows, spoilers, fancy hubcaps and more. Whether you’ve chosen to keep it close to factory settings or make changes, your vehicle can be a fun way to show your style.

The Way You Conduct Yourself

Finally, the way you act will of course say a lot about you and give clues as to who you are as a person. Your posture can show if you’re self assured or a little more insecure, if you want to come across as a more self assured individual work on standing up straight with an open body. This means no slumping or folding arms across the body. Even your handshake can give clues about yourself, scientists have actually defined the ‘perfect’ handshake. It consists of a firm squeeze and three shakes. Even the language you use in day to day life is important. The words you use, whether you swear (and how often) and the broadness of your vocabulary.

As you can see, if you want to present the best image of yourself and live your best life there’s more to it than just the way you style yourself. All other choices you make in life reflect the kind of person you are, it’s not to say you should rush out and change everything as you always want to be true to you. But it’s worth being aware of how things you might not have even considered come across to others, and make changes if you don’t like the kind of message this portrays about you.

Is this something you have ever considered before? Will you make any changes in your lifestyle now with this in mind?

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