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You Want The Biker Look? This Is How You Get It

You’ve decided on a change of style, and your new ambition is to create the biker look. Cool! You’ll be pleased to know that it isn’t all that difficult to achieve. You might have to be willing to spend a little money, but the results are more than worth it. Here’s how to get this unique look and start standing out.

The Jacket

It all starts with the jacket, and I’m sure you were aware of that before you clicked on this article! This is the area that you’ll probably end up spending the most money on. Here, it’s all about leather. You don’t want fake leather either, as you’ll just end up coming off as phony. No, I’m talking about real, authentic leather that’s going to probably eat into your finances. Sorry about that.

The Pins & Patches

Bikers often wear pins and patches as a symbol of clubs they belong to or hobbies they enjoy. In fact, you can usually customize these designs to include anything you can design beforehand. Bikers look to embroidered patches for a stylish touch in many cases, and they’re not expensive to buy.

The Hair

You want the biker haircut? You’re looking at slicked back hair with plenty of gel being a necessity. You’ll probably want to keep a comb and extra supply of gel on your person for when you’re actually biking, too. Your helmet isn’t going to worry about your precious sense of style! If you’re just going for the look instead of the practicality element, ditch the helmet for a bandana. This will help to create an authentic look.


The Boots

You can’t be a biker if you’re not willing to invest in proper black boots. Again, we’re talking about real leather for this requirement. And no – you can’t afford to swap boots for shoes. Can you imagine a biker cruising down the highway in a pair of business shoes? I don’t think so. Again, you might want to customize your boots with logos in the form of patches. We’ll leave this consideration in your capable hands.

The Pants

If you want to, you can go full-on leather with this part of your attire, too. Leather pants look great and are functional at protecting in the event of an accident. Many bikers don’t tend to go with leather pants, however, choosing jeans instead. If you’re going to do this, don’t go with jeans that are too skinny. Worn, slim-fit jeans are probably your best bet in terms of creating the right impression.

The T-Shirt


This is the easy part. Your t-shirt can state whatever you want it to. Generally, bikers often look to black or other low-color shirts that express their personalities in some way. For example, they might wear a t-shirt of their favorite heavy metal band. You can use this part of the attire to add an injection of personality, but don’t go overboard with the colors.

Do you think you’re ready? Get out there and get the biker look.

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