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Watch And Learn: The Right Timepieces For Your Wrist

Fashion That My Dad Taught Me
Photo by Jonnathan Fonseca on Unsplash

Watch And Learn: The Right Timepieces For Your Wrist

A woman says she can tell an awful lot about what’s on a man’s wrist. And that doesn’t mean the time.

Let us set the scene. It’s a first date. You’ve met a lady; you’re going out for a lovely dinner together. There’s a candle burning on the table, and something else burning in your loins. The dress she’s wearing is leaving nothing to the imagination and your short sleeve top is revealing all. She looks at your watch. You think it’s time to leave. So does she. Alone.

Your tatty old watch is doing no favors for her. Because she, can tell an awful lot about that.

Fashion That My Dad Taught Me
Photo by Jonnathan Fonseca on Unsplash

So rugged fellows, ditch the fraying strap, trash the smashed up screen, and impress the ladies with one of these classic timepieces…

TAG Heuer Formula 1

We’ve seen Lewis Hamilton representing TAG Heuer, and what’s manlier than driving fast cars and dating pop stars? Very little we’d say.

The Formula 1 was developed with McLaren Mercedes and actually tested in racing conditions by Jenson Button. Using scratch resistant sapphire crystal, it offers incredible durability, whilst its chrome face looks incredible on any wrist.

Skagen Havene Mens Chronograph Watch

Available in a range of styles, this Skagen watch has a simplistic and a sophisticated design which makes it look a million dollars rather than the £130 price tag.

Made by the master Danish watchmakers, it comes in leather and bracelet form, both looking incredibly cool, and suitable for everyday wear and formal occasions.

Omega Seamaster 300M

Omega is the watch choice of James Bond, and it will certainly leave a lady both shaken and stirred. None more so than the Seamaster 300m Chronometer. It’s a signal of style, and class. A man who knows what he is and what he wants.

Of course, we’d all like this timeless piece, with its 41mm stainless steel case, but at almost £2,800 not all of us can. But you really won’t go wrong with this incredibly masculine piece of jewelry.

Casio Pro Trek Gunung Bintang

Certainly one for the rugged fellow, the Casio Pro Trek Gunung Bintang is named after the 41st highest mountain in Malaysia, and has pretty much every gadget available for climbing it. It’s lower-temperature resistant up to -10 °C and can allow you to set up to five daily alarms.

It’s as heavy duty as they come and even has solar power, eliminating the need for the dreaded battery change.

Diesel Mens Big Daddy Chronograph Watch

When you call a timepiece the Big Daddy, you expect it to be a manly piece of kit. Its huge face is dominant, so it’s certainly not one for the weak wristed. It combines a classic style with contemporary design, using screws to bolt in the face securely and further into the strap.

It bears the Diesel logo on the left of the watch whilst ‘Only the Brave’ is typed across the top. Its blue tinted screen adds a touch more intrigue making it for sure one of the most masculine watches on the market.