Home Style Essentials for Styling Your First Bachelor Pad

Essentials for Styling Your First Bachelor Pad

Essentials for Styling Your First Bachelor Pad
Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

Essentials for Styling Your First Bachelor Pad

A recent study of two thousand women showed that men do not notice and decorative changes to a household more than fifty per cent of the time. Some even claiming that walls had been painted or wallpapered or furniture had been moved without their partners noticing. So is it really the case that men do not have any care or attention for interior design? Moreover, what does that mean for men that are first time buyers? Here is some essential advice for men struggling for ideas with their new bachelor pad.

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Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is something often overlooked in interior design. Your house has to feel comfortable to live in and finding a simple color scheme for your walls is a great start. Having plain walls with one feature wall in a living room is often a simple task to design and carry out but also looks great. Using neutral colors as a theme throughout the home is also a fantastic way to make the house flow from room to room.

Reliable Furniture

Given that this is your first home, kitting it out with new and reliable furniture that you can own and use for years to come is vital. Wooden furniture is often a great investment as it looks great at the time of purchase and continues to look great throughout the years. Investing in items such as a dining table, bed, coffee tables and buying reliable items means that you can sit back and rely on the furniture around while visitors admire its style.


Storage is essential to any new home, never mind a brand new bachelor pad. Whether you are a neat freak or happy to live in mess – storage will always be required. It can be useful in a conventional manner to keep your home organised and tidy or as a last minute attempt to hide the mess when you have a visitor! It will always be a necessity whatever personality you are so maximize every storage space and make use of any unused space such as under beds.

Somewhere to Entertain

Whoever it is that you have around to entertain, having the right space kitted out with the right gear is vital. Whatever your passions are, whether that be gaming, sport, socializing with friends – this space should portray that passion and ensure that it comes across to any visitors. But also at the same time it should be somewhere you can enjoy in your own personal solitude as well. Somewhere to entertain yourself and others.


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