Home Tech & Gear Want to learn more about alternative fuel? Check out this infographic!

Want to learn more about alternative fuel? Check out this infographic!

Want to learn more about alternative fuel? Check out this info-graphic!

It is amazing thing both for our wallets and our environment that electric cars are now an option available to us. It wasn’t that far a time ago that electric cars were a thing of science fiction dreams. Things have come a long way since.

Recently, more amazing news has been released to excite both auto enthusiasts and science buffs. Toyota has managed to get a hydrogen-powered car past the 300 miles per tank mark through official American tests. Nissan has achieved a landmark by seeing sales of its all-electric Leaf pass the 10,000 mark.  It is evident that electric cars have definitely surpassed merely being a concept of dreamers, and it is all thanks to the developments in alternative fuel.

With these new generation cars not only demanding a fraction of the cost of more traditional ones but also reducing carbon emissions for its owners, it is definitely the way to go when purchasing a new vehicle. While there are still some issues to this choice, such as the infrastructure to refuel these new cars, supporting the progress of this technology will allow us to help save our precious earth and really drive the development and acceptance of alternative fuel cars. Eventually, people will realize the worth of owning one is more than just saving on gas, it saves future generations. This growing support is incredibly exciting, and I look forward to seeing the near future with more models and infrastructures will be made available for others.

Motorparks have come up with a great infographic on everything you need to learn about electric, hydrogen, and hybrid fuel motors. This will give you a look into the history of this amazing progress in cars, some key information about each one of them , as well as the release dates for new models. These are great things to know if you are looking into shifting into alternative fuel cars.

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