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Skincare: It’s Not Just for Girls

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We’ve talked before about how dads can stay sharp and look great, at http://www.daddy-geek.com/three-fashion-tips-fathers-look-sharp-great/

but did you know that your skin is a huge part of this? Most of the skincare advice out there is catered towards women, and in previous generations, it wasn’t something that many men gave much thought to. But, men’s skincare is becoming much more popular. There are now many products out there specially designed for male skin, and more men than ever are starting to think about keeping their skin young and healthy. Here are some tips, for a typical bloke that wants to look his best.


Do you wash your face? You’d be amazed at how many people don’t. They just wet it in the shower and move on. It never looks that dirty after all. This is a mistake. Your pores can quickly become blocked, and even with a rinse, dirt and oils can start to build up.


However, you shouldn’t use your regular shower gel either. This isn’t gentle enough for the skin on your face, and a traditional block of soap can be too drying on the skin. Instead, find a gentle facial cleanser. You can try using your wife’s if she’ll let you but, men often have more oil glands on their face, so you may find a product designed for male skin is more effective. Cleanse at night before you go to bed to wash away the day’s grime and give your skin a chance to rest while you sleep and then again, first thing in the morning.


Exfoliating is a great way to give your face a deep clean. It helps to unblock your pores, release any ingrown hairs and remove dead skin cells. It’s best to exfoliate your face before you shave. Try to do this at least once a week.

Take Care Shaving

One of the biggest problems women have with their skin is makeup causing blocked pores and even infections. For men, it’s shaving. If you like a close shave, you are literally dragging a blade across incredibly sensitive skin. If you don’t take care, you can do a lot of damage, leaving yourself with cuts, rough skin and ingrown hairs.

The first thing that you need to do to protect yourself is to find a good safety razor. The right razor makes the job much easier, preventing accidents and avoiding skin damage. Then, take your time. Make sure you use a gentle shaving cream or foam and work slowly, without applying too much pressure.

When you’ve finished, clean your razor and put it away in a cupboard. Don’t leave it out in the bathroom, where the moisture of the air can lead to the growth of fungus and bacteria.


No matter how careful you are, this could dry your skin out or leave it sore and red. Moisturise after cleansing every night to keep your skin soft.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun is the leading cause of facial ageing and damage. To reduce exposure, apply sunscreen before you go out in the summer, even on a cloudy day.

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