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Men’s Fashion: Things Women LOVE

Designer T-shirts
Image by Alvin Aden Ardenrich Pan for Pixabay

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are a few things in particular that most women love. Of course everybody is different, but you can bet you’ll have the majority of women falling at your feet when you wear the following things!

Designer T-shirts/Tops

A good designer t-shirt or top can be spotted a mile off. If you invest your money in quality, designer bits, women will love it! You don’t need to have a whole designer wardrobe, so don’t worry about that.

Designer T-shirts
Image by Alvin Aden Ardenrich Pan for Pixabay

Smart Jackets

Smart jackets are so much nicer than hoodies and the like. You have a load of options when it comes to smart jackets, so it’s really just taking your pick of the ones you like best. You have blazers, which you can wear both casually and for a special event. You have trench coats, which are classic and never go out of style. You also have things like crombie coats, which work well for any occasion. A smart coat shows that a man means business!

Clean Shoes

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pair of kicks on a man! Beware of wearing filthy shoes, as women will notice even if you think they won’t. Men have the uncanny knack of getting their shoes dirty very quickly, so keep an eye on yours and buy some special products to help maintain their condition. You won’t regret it!

Rockstar Boots

Rockstar boots look badass, yet so many men are frightened of wearing something like this. Why not channel your inner Russell Brand – he has all of the ladies after him, so he must be on to something! You don’t need to go full on ‘goth glam’, but there’s no harm in getting in touch with your inner rock star. This is one piece of clothing all men should invest in!

A Nice Watch

All men should own a nice watch! In fact, men should own at least 2 watches. One for casual wear and one for occasion wear. A well chosen, quality watch can say a lot about the man wearing it. To pick yours, go shopping with a friend and try a few on. Ask them what looks good on you and consider what will match your usual style. I’d also set a budget so you don’t end up overspending!

An Eye for Detail on Men’s Fashion

Finally, an eye for detail is a must. What do we mean by this? Something as simple as your socks can make a difference to the overall look of your outfit. Why not make them stand out with a pop of color? Scarves, bracelets, and other quirky accessories can be worn too. Make sure you use this rule to show off your personality. An outfit can be transformed with the use of the right accessories.

Are you ready to dress to impress the ladies? Try these items even if you wouldn’t usually, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Leave a comment with your thoughts and any suggestions you have.

See you next time!