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The Gentleman’s Accessories Guide

The Gentleman's Guide to 2015 Accessories
Photo by Andrea Dibitonto on Unsplash

For a gentleman, there are certain accessories you need to complete any outfit. Whatever you are wearing, from gym wear to racing day suits, no look is complete without your essential accessories. Taking your time to check your style each morning, or just being mindful of what you may need to accessorize that new shirt is crucial to getting the look you want. Even if you are looking to restyle what you have, accessories could be the way to do that. We give you the ultimate accessories guide for 2015:

Photo by Andrea Dibitonto on Unsplash

Watches – Every gentleman needs a watch. Long gone are the days of the silver pocket watch, but what you wear around your wrist is crucial to achieving the look you want. If you have ever left your watch at home, you know what a nuisance it is to check how your day is running. Have a look at Shinola watches for men to see if there is one that will coordinate with what you have to wear today. Some men are wearing a fit band all day each day to improve their health and fitness. This shouldn’t stop you wearing a high style wrist watch on the other arm.

Ties and scarves – Autumn through to Spring often sees cooler weather. Have a range of great scarves to make your outdoor wear incredibly stylish. Choose a statement stripe, or even a thinner, shorter scarf to wear under a jacket. For ties, it must be silk, and it can never be plain. The more intricate the weave, the better. Choose single colors in several shades to maximize any patterning. The tone of your suit and shirt will need to be checked for coordinating your tie. Wide knots are very hot still for 2015.

Shoes – You may not be a fan of shiny toes, but this year is seeing plenty of gorgeous designer men’s shoes making a stand for the polish. Only the toes need to be buffed, so pick a style that segments the parts of the shoe. A good heel is also completely the way to go this year. Anything from a quarter to three-quarters of an inch is all it takes to drive you forward and raise you off the ground. They look fabulous with a cuffed trouser and denim jeans too. For gym wear, they have to be clean, and they need to be right for the sport you are doing. If you are in the gym, choose a good all rounder. If you are out pounding the streets on a run, choose a good flexible running shoe. Keep them clean like new, and you’ll be looking hot for longer.

Eyewear – Sunglasses are an absolute in your accessories guide and a must during the summer months, and yes, you can wear them on your head while you are in the shade. Many men who used to wear contacts are giving up the little hellish discs for glasses. With so many offers on designer frames, you can change your look any time of the day. Look stylish and sexy with stylish eyewear this season.