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The Best Football Websites in the World Right Now

Best Football Websites in the World
Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

If you’re a football fan, you, no doubt, like to be kept up to date on all the big developments in the world of football. But there are so many websites out there vying for your attention. These selections all offer different things, but all of them are essential for football fans.

Best Football Websites in the World
Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash


This is one for all you football nerds out there. Statto gives you an in-depth look at the statistics and figures that are generated during each football match that’s played. You can look at stats organized by team and by league and look at virtually every statistic you could ever hope for.

It’s not just British leagues though; the website takes a global approach. They all track the latest football odds for those of you who like to place a bet now and then.

Transfer Rumors’

We all like to stay up to date on our club’s latest transfers. But the world of football transfers has now become an industry of its own. There are new transfer rumors’ swirling around every day. So much so, that it’s hard to keep on top of all the breaking rumours. But don’t worry, Transfer Rumours can help you out.

The website collates rumours from all the major sources of reliable information and brings them together in one place. On top of that, you can browse the rumours organised by team, so you can find out what’s been said about your club’s potential transfers.

Dirty Tackle

Football shouldn’t be a serious business, you need a laugh with your daily dose of football news. And that’s where Dirty Tackle steps in. It’s the best humour based football website on the internet right now, without doubt.

Whereas most football websites that strive for laughs end up falling flat, Dirty Tackle succeeds with ease. They create their own jokes as well as plucking the best humorous football related news stories from all over the world.

101 Great Goals

101 Great Goals does exactly what it says on the tin, and then a whole lot more on the top. It provides link and videos to the best goals ever scored, as well as adding to the crop every week as new goals are scored. But that’s not all the website does.

The website also has a great blog that’s regularly updated. It offers analyses of games, as well as comment articles on other topical issues in the world of football. But if you want to see some great goals, 101 Great Goals is the place to go to.

Vital Football

There are lots of football websites that try to combine discussion with news, but none of them manage to do it quite as well as Vital Football. You can join the forums and discuss topics with like minded football fans or you can just browse through the endless stream of football news on offer.

It’s an especially good website if you’re looking for news that treats the big leagues and smaller leagues with equal importance. Not many websites can claim to do that, but Vital Football certainly can.

There are a lot of football websites out there, but make sure you bookmark the above ones.