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Keep It Rolling Classy and Casual with These 5 Tips

leather bag
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Keep It Rolling Classy and Casual with These 5 Tips

You might just as well consider this the ultimate style guide for men who don’t care about style and fashion tips. The type who are just too cool to care about how they dress, but manage to remain classy at the same time, only in a rugged kind of way. The most fascinating male figures in all the ages of Hollywood had precisely this air of elegant rebelliousness about them, so it’s definitely the only type of style you should be interested in.

These are our 5 main tips to nail it in just the right way, without looking like you tried too hard. Still, if you manage to set up the basic details, this look will then be easy to maintain and, most importantly, it will really be the kind of steady style that can truly reflect your personality in a consistent way. Since men are nowadays more interested in fashion but less interested in experimenting with their style too much, this is just the thing that the modern, aspiring gentlemen should look for.

leather bag
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

1. A quality vintage style leather bag

A high quality bag makes you seem more grown-up and mature (in a good way), in opposition to the vast majority of boys and young men who will just wear sports bags and totes. You can even choose a leather briefcase or laptop bag as long as it fulfills the requirement of being made of high-quality leather, and as long as the bag has a vintage style and a touch of ruggedness. The fact that it’s stylish but classic, and most of all functional, will work in your favor and contribute to your down-to-earth charm.

2. A nice Fedora hat

Fedora hats are one of the few details still remaining from the old days of proper classiness, but the good news that this fashion item is still very much alive and not worn simply as a blast from the past. Not only that men still wear plenty of Fedoras on a wide variety of occasions, but the hats have also spilled over into women’s fashion, and everyone can benefit from the casual-classy touch they bring.


3. High quality leather shoes, preferably also vintage

For the air of a rebel without a cause that was recently tamed and included into mainstream society, you also need a pair of good leather shoes and boots, with laces and a distinct vintage style. The kind which you could wear with any pair of jeans, and a belt buckle and a classic white shirt, and look like you just stepped out from Hugh Jackman’s stylist’s storage room.

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

4. Jeans, shirt and suit top, with rolled sleeves

Since we only mentioned accessories so far, it’s time to talk about the basic combination of clothes you could wear them with. The best path to take is jeans plus a classy shirt and a suit top, but only that both the shirt and the suit top should have ¾ sleeves or longer one manually rolled up by you. It’s the best description of how smart-casual should look like, and if you add the other suggestions to the outfit, you’ll be truly remarkable.

5. Sunglasses

Last, but not least, the last touch that this outfit needs is a pair of well-chosen sunglasses (preferably a classic model like Wayfarers or Aviators). All set and good to go.