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This Is How You Make Your Formal Outfits More Casual

This Is How You Make Your Formal Outfits More Casual
Photo by M. Brauer on Unsplash

There can be different motives for dressing down an outfit. Maybe you’re unsure whether you’re overdressed or not. Or you might be heading to an event where the atmosphere is much more laid-back. While it can be frustrating to arrive at an event with an overdressed outfit, the opposite can be just as frustrating. Here are some tips to make your outfit more casual. 

What Dressing Down Implies

When you decide to dress down, your outfit is more casual and informal. But when it comes to dressing down, there are certain levels. Wearing something business casual is not the same as the casual outfit you wear at home. There is also a difference between making your outfit smart casual by adding bold dress socks to dressy trousers and wearing a casual outfit with jeans and a T-shirt. When you are aware of this hierarchy, it is easier to manage how casual your outfit should be. 

The Different Types of Casual

When choosing to make your outfit more casual, it is crucial to know the different forms of casual. The different types are:

  • Business casual
  • Dressy casual
  • Smart casual
  • Sporty casual 
  • Completely casual

Business casual is the gray zone between casual and business wear. Think of a blazer with slacks or a casual button-down shirt. Dressy casual is what you would wear if you were going to an event that is slightly less formal than a wedding or a business event. Sporty casual is for running errands like going grocery shopping or hanging out with friends wearing sneakers and a polo shirt. 

Dress Down Your Outfit With The Details

If you want to wear some nice trousers, but you feel like it is way too formal, pay attention to the details. Some colorful socks can give the outfit a more laid-back look. By avoiding wearing a belt, the outfit will also appear much more casual. If you are wearing a button-down shirt with formal pants, you can decide to ditch the tie. The same thing goes for a suit, as a suit without a tie can still be effortless if worn the right way.

From Day To Night

Imagine this. You finish work at 4 pm, but you have to make it to a party at 6 pm. You are wearing a nice suit, but it is way too formal for the party. If you wish to do it like a pro, you choose to pack the outfit the day before. Let’s say you are wearing a blazer, button-down shirt, and suit pants. If you wish to go for a smart casual look, you substitute your button-down shirt with a T-shirt. You keep the blazer and pants and opt for a pair of sneakers or loafers. 

The Right Shoes 

When thinking of a casual outfit, many would think of the clothes. But the accessories, especially the shoes, are important. Our attention is often brought to the shoes, as they tell a lot about a person. A formal outfit can have a completely different look when worn with sneakers instead of formal shoes.

Featured Photo by M. Brauer on Unsplash