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If You Want The Job, You’ve Got To Look The Part

If You Want The Job Look The Part
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If You Want The Job, You’ve Got To Look The Part

When you get a job interview, and the opportunity is something that you want, what is your first thought? You probably start thinking about the questions they are going to ask and the right answers. You might prepare a portfolio to show the interviewee and get ready to prove what you can offer their company. But, actually what you should be considering is dress wear. On average, an interviewee has decided consciously or subconsciously if they would hire you in sixty seconds. That’s not enough time to get your ideas across and it is certainly not enough time to show your credentials. So, what are they basing it on? They are basing it on three things: the way you look, how you are dressed and your demeanor. They are using these three factors to immediately judge whether you would be the right fit for their business. So, here is how to make the right first impression.

If You Want The Job Look The Part
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Fit And Fancy

Don’t underestimate the importance of what you wear for the interview. It is going to make a big impact. Society has changed recently and in fashion it’s expected that you go your own way. People find their unique style and run with it but not when interviewing for a job. You are better off sticking with the crowds, buying a designer suit that is fitted beautifully. A suit that does not look fitted makes you look unprofessional. Also, remember to shine and polish your shoes. This little detail can make all the difference.  Particularly if the person who is waiting to be interviewed next to you has shoes that are pristine.

The Right Accessories

Accessories complete a suit perfectly and show you are a man of business and style. One example is a watch. Always wear a watch because checking the time on your wrist looks a lot better than taking out your phone. Also, be sure your wallet looks new and well looked after. You may be asked to show credentials, and you do not want to pull out a tattered worn out mess. There are some great leather wallets for men available online that are very fashionable and the different colors go with any suit.

One Button Or Two?

If you are looking to exhume confidence, then you may want to consider undoing your top button while not letting your tie drop. This is a good way of showing that you feel relaxed while maintaining a professional demeanor. If you get hot, you can take your jacket off, but be careful of showing any sweat stains. If an interviewee sees someone sweating, they will immediately link it with nervousness, and this is not how you want to appear.

Hair And Face

Get a haircut before the interview, particularly if your natural style is to look messy and unkempt. Your partner may love this look on you, but a business owner will not. An interviewer is looking for someone that will be interacting with customers and clients. You have to think about how they want their business to be seen. If in doubt tell the barber you have an important interview, and they will give you a neat cut that is not too short or long. Don’t forget to get a clean shave the morning before as well. Once you’ve got the job feel free to grow your beard back or leave the stubble but right now you are looking to impress.

Take these things into consideration and that job is all but yours.

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