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How To Keep Your Cool This Summer With Pure Silver by Naked Shop

How To Keep Your Cool This Summer With Pure Silver by Naked Shop
Image provided by Pure Silver by Naked Shop

How To Keep Your Cool This Summer With Pure Silver by Naked Shop

To be quite honest, as much as summer can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year, it can also prove to be the most challenging. Due to the heat, it is a constant hassle to not sweat.

Full stop.

Who really want to feel vulnerable to smell funky. Personally, I absolutely hate body odor and I hate excessive sweating. It’s a strong pet peeve of mine whether it’s me doing the sweating or anyone around me. This is why I was glad to be introduced to The Naked Shop’s Pure Silver Collection.

How The Pure Silver Collection Performed After A Hot Summer’s Day

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Image provided by Pure Silver by Naked Shop

I was in Santa Marta (Colombia) just the other week and I figured this hot region was the best place to test The Naked Shop’s boxer brief. Wearing these on a particularly hot summer day allowed me to go about my business, walking places, meeting friends, and dancing salsa at night!. It was about 90+ degrees out, but I was pleased to find that the briefs didn’t annoy me so much. On the contrary, I actually felt quite cool and didn’t feel the annoyance of heat because my body’s temperature was regulated by the material.

The briefs are quite comfortable and chafe-free and despite the fact that I did sweat, I didn’t emanate any body odor at all. The boxer briefs and shirt were pretty much my allies in maintaining my cool on a hot summer’s day.

The Features…

The Silver Collection is made with 99.9% Pure Silver Bonded woven into the nylon threads, which makes it the most comfortable metal you’ll ever wear. This high-performance fabric is called X-Static, which regulates your body temperature to keep you cool and chafe-free. Offering anti-odor and antimicrobial protection, it is literally one of the best must-haves this summer. Because it is made of strong silver thread, you can be assured that it gives the garments long-lasting underwear endurance. Impressively, Olympic Athletes, US Special Forces, and even NASA Astronauts all attest to the benefits of Naked Silver.

The Facts…

  • It’s 99.9% pure silver yarn gives Advanced Body Temperature Regulation so you can keep your cool.
  • Silver naturally inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you stay stink-free.
  • This Easy-Access-Fly is horizontally constructed for whatever’s on the horizon.
  • The strength of the silver thread gives this garment long-lasting underwear endurance.

Where Can You Get Your Own Naked Shop  Pure Silver Pieces?

You can head on over to the Naked Shop to order from the Naked Silver collection. At present, pieces under the collection include Silver Boxer Briefs, which is priced at $38.