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How men take longer grooming nowadays

How men take longer grooming nowadays
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who IS the fairest of them all?

Literally hours upon hours of good fun are simply lost every weekend. And the culprit? Our own vanity! We’re all taking longer and longer to drag ourselves away from the mirror during our ‘getting ready rituals’ or ‘beauty regimes’.

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Photo by Supply on Unsplash

And nowadays, men can’t get away with placing all the blame entirely on the fairer sex. Not when studies have actually proven that men spend on average 75 minutes per day washing, styling, shaving and preening themselves. Compare this to women who spend a mere 70 minutes on their own daily beauty routine – it’s a lot closer than any of us thought.

The average man now owns 17 shirts. That’s a lot of choice. Think of that the next time you ask your boyfriend/ husband/mate the question ‘seriously, how long does it take you to get ready for a night out?’

With these shocking statistics, thank goodness we have plenty of alternatives to look to. Instead of spending all that unnecessary time in front of a mirror, losing out on all that fun, we can now bring all the excitement, laughs and fun of a night out to our very own homes instead.

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