Home Style Bedroom Interior Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Bedroom Interior Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Bedroom Interior Tips for the Modern Gentleman
Photo by Tyler Schaefer on Unsplash

Bedroom Interior Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Deciding on a bedroom décor that truly reflects you and your unique style is a difficult task. Often you can’t see the wood for the trees, and the end result is a hotchpotch of conflicting and contrasting thoughts and ideas. While this might more accurately reflect the mercurial meanderings of your ever-changing personality and fashion, a true gentleman distils these disparate notions into one unified idea. With this firmly in mind, let’s take a look at some tips and tenets of the gentleman’s bedroom, from floor to ceiling.

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Photo by Tyler Schaefer on Unsplash


The fundaments of your modern gentleman’s bedroom lie in the choices you make with regard to the carpet and walls. These define the tone and feel of your room, so make doubly sure that the decisions you make reflect your ideals and ideal furnishings; brilliant white walls and primary blue furnishings make for a small-feeling room and a childish look. For a sharp modern style, look at brilliant whites and matte blacks for wall and carpet respectively, in the name of contrast. For a more rustic look, use a rough Berber carpet against a tasteful baroque wallpaper. Natural wood floor-sills will assist the look.


The furnishings of your room should make a powerful statement on your behalf, as well as providing functional solutions to your gentlemanly needs. For example, an ottoman like this plays well with the sharp colours of your carpet or baroque wallpaper, whilst also providing hidden storage space – something which may save you from another item of furniture, and keep your room light – and a sleek piece of technological wow-factor in the rising flat-screen capabilities. A dark-wood wardrobe reflects vintage, and a full-length mirror attached to the side both contrasts the wood and gives you a perfect dressing station.


Up to now, your room makes a statement, but it doesn’t make your statement. How you dress your room is the final, but instrumental, fragment that makes your bedroom interior whole. A minimalist approach provides a sleek, gentlemanly aesthetic: be selective with your ornaments, and be sparing with the things you leave on your bedside table. For a rustic vibe, leave loose-weave fabrics and tarnished wooden objects on show, in vague disarray. Decorate the floor with a well-placed rug – a block primary colour for a more minimal aesthetic, or a patchwork/woollen affair for the homelier look.

In following these simple guidelines, your room can and will truly reflect the gentlemanly qualities you exude, and have pride in showcasing. From sleek wallpapering to choice rug-based decisions, your bedroom thrives on precise tailoring. But how does your room look? What decorations have you hit upon that tell the truth about you? Let us know in the comments below!


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