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How Jewelry for Men is Now on the Rise

For decades, centuries even, most jewelry was reserved for women. As gender barriers are broken down and expanded upon at an increasing rate, this once age-old truth can no longer be taken for granted. With the rise of many different trends in fashion that extend the boundaries of the jewelry industry, such stereotypes are no longer relevant. Where men used to be satisfied with simply getting a trendy watch and some cuff links, other styles outside of business professionals have emerged to demonstrate class in different ways. Whether you are a gentleman looking to up your appearance in a new way or a woman looking to buy something classy for your man, you should be aware of some of the emerging fashion trends when it comes to jewelry for men.

How Jewelry for Men Has Evolved Recently

No matter what your walk of life is, or your gender for that matter, your appearance plays a significant role in how others perceive you. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that impression is often defined by appearances. In this day and age, even if your first interaction is a phone conversation, odds are the person has looked up your appearance online. If this is for a date from an online dating service, they will have seen your image on your profile. If it is for a job interview, you may have to include a picture with your application, or the potential employer may look you up on social media. Either way, there is a good chance that even impersonal correspondences are at least partially influenced by your appearance.

If you show up in any situation dressed to impress, you will be immediately give yourself the upper hand. Regardless of what the situation is, dressing up properly is more than half the battle. For years, there has been little variation with regard to what a gentleman should wear. While the traditional businessman model, or Cary Grant and James Bond appearance, still has its place professionally, there are now many more styles in which men can present their unique personalities.


A majority of the shifts in men’s style have been simply a move away from professional towards casual. Many work environments that previously required a suit and tie are now either work from home jobs or companies that are willing to accept jeans and sandals. This is not true across the board, and even if it is at your place of employment, you should not go along with a trend just because everyone is following it.

With the emergence of hip-hop, now about three decades ago, the world of jewelry for men entered a new age. Displays of the class have become familiar in a more lavish fashion. Movie stars, musicians, artists, and other public figures have transformed how we perceive both jewelry and gender. One of the most common pieces of hip hop jewelry is the Cuban link chain. As a display of wealth that is perfectly in tune with standard hip hop lyrics, link chains for men have been on the rise for nearly three decades. At this point, their prevalence has extended far beyond the hip-hop community that first brought this style to the mainstream. It’s also spawned different variations of it, such as the Miami Cuban chain design!

How to Find Out What Style is Right for You


If dressing for the occasion is so important, but the traditional business suit is no longer a universal go-to, how are you supposed to know what dressing appropriately means? It all depends on the circumstances. On the one hand, the emergence of new styles and jewelry for men means a much greater ability for men to express themselves. On the other hand, this means that clothing now requires much more thought and attention for men than it used to.

The style that is right for you may not be right for everyone, and not just any style is appropriate for any occasion. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn to have fun with the new fashion elements that men are able to wear and accessorize with, just that you have to do so with regard for your setting and surroundings. With the surge of jewelry available for men on the market in recent years, it is time for you to try new things out and see if Frost NYC stocks a style that feels right to you.

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