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A Gentlemen’s Bathroom Design Guide

The bathroom is often the most neglected part of your apartment as a bachelor, especially as a young and working bachelor. But we feel that this is a problem because bathrooms are really under-rated. We have a great bathroom design guide to share with you.

If you think about it logically, a bathroom is really like the inner sanctum of your living space. It can also be properly set up to be the place where you receive that special someone on those special occasions even more than the bedroom. Water can be very sexy in and of itself, and in the right setting, the best intimate moments can occur in the bathroom.

Not to mention, the bathroom can be a great place to relax. You do need the right equipment, though. Get a proper bathtub for your bathroom. The British are right to thoroughly enjoy a good soak in steaming hot water to get the tension out of those poor muscles every now and again. North Americans tend to love showers, which are great for people in a hurry, but they are not the be-all and end-all of bathing. Schedule yourself a bath or two a week if you have to. You won’t go back.

Whether you get a freestanding tub, a clawfoot, or any other type of cast iron bathtub, or something else made out of bathtub-appropriate material and worthy of properly relaxing in (and has the space for it), it’s a purchase you will never regret as long as you own that property. You may even actually  be reluctant to sell and move out without ripping that tub out and taking it with you!

While you’re at it, your bathroom may benefit from something like one of these contemporary bathroom vanities, or something in another style, depending on your tastes and/or what the bathroom already looks like. These not only improve the appearance of your bathroom, you will find them immensely practical as well as far as keeping your bathroom clean and organized. It’s surprising how even in 2017 most bathrooms lack the necessary quantity of storage space to make them one hundred percent functional. If this sounds like your bathroom, you should probably be in the market for a new vanity.

Bathroom Design Guide Conclusion

Don’t forget things like incense, or perhaps even better in the bathroom, essential oils for that luxurious bath. High quality bubble bath may seem a bit immature, but you won’t regret having tried it, no matter your current age. Candles are also de rigeur when relaxing or enjoying an intimate moment in the bathroom, so don’t forget them either. And a supply of your favorite alcoholic beverage can’t hurt either!