Home Style Dynamic Changes That Will Immediately Revamp Your Patio

Dynamic Changes That Will Immediately Revamp Your Patio

Winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner, which means that you are one step closer to patio season. You should get ready for the days where you can sit outside in the sunshine by making some dynamic changes to your back patio.

Sliding Patio Doors: 

A pair of new sliding patio doors are the essential enhancements for your patio renovation — they are sleek, they are quiet and they are a fresh, vibrant look for a back entrance. As long as you purchase your revamped doors from a trusted distributor, you can customize your renovation so that it suits your personal style. Try an experienced company like Golden Windows, which offers impressive options for frame materials, frame colors, grilles, hardware and more. If you choose from their Golden Vinyl range, you can make a statement with dramatic exterior frame colors that go beyond the standard shades of white, taupe or black. Here is a brief list of the exciting color options that are available with that sliding patio door range:

  • Cranberry
  • Tile Red
  • Copper
  • Leaf Green
  • Old World Blue
  • Silver Metallic

A pair of polished sliding patio doors with unexpected frame colors will make sure that your back entrance looks anything but dull.

Hanging Chairs:

Skip the regular benches and lounge chairs in favor of hanging chairs that float above the patio floor — this a unique furniture change that will set your back patio apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Choose hanging chairs made of durable materials and dynamic designs like a rustic rattan cage chair or a bold egg chair — the latter’s name relates to its unique oval shape. Fill the seats with comfortable cushions, soft pillows and luxurious blankets covered in daring prints and patterns. When you are done primping your hanging chair, you will love to spend your time sitting back and relaxing without your feet touching the ground.

Colorful Lanterns:

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Give the lighting for your back patio a dazzling upgrade with sets of paper lanterns in gorgeous colors like plum, fuchsia, crimson or golden yellow. You can purchase these delicate lighting options at specialty stores or you can easily craft your own at home. You can make a lantern with pressed flowers using paper mache, tissue and handfuls of beautiful blooms—think about bright choices like stems of goldenrod, tulips or daffodils. If you would rather your flowers stay in the garden instead of attached to your lights, you can craft intricate paper lanterns with flowers made from tissue paper and ribbon. Either option will add brilliant color and warmth to your backspace so that you will want to rest on the patio long after the sun sets.

If you get brand new sliding patio doors, hanging chairs and colorful paper lanterns, your home will be absolutely ready for patio season. The moment you’re done your dynamic renovations, you will want to invite all of your friends over to share a drink in the fresh air and sunshine.

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