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Choosing the Perfect Rolex Watch

Ask most people what their dream watch would be and a large percentage of them would name a single brand – Rolex.  Over 2 million people each year search on Google for the brand and it is seen on the wrist of many celebrities, sports stars and other notables.  Rolex watches are also popular as an investment as they retain their value better than many other brands and can even become more valuable.  But the question is how you choose the perfect Rolex watch?


The real Rolex

Rolex was established in 1905 and quickly set themselves at being at the forefront of design and technology in watches.  Theirs was the first waterproof wrist watch, the Oyster, and the first to have a self-winding mechanism.  They continued to expand their ranges including sportswear ranges and are now available to suit every occasion.

There is a trend to copy the best and this has led to several fake Rolex watches being available.  Spotting them can be tricky but there are some good tips to help you ensure what you buy is the best.  Firstly, watch the price – if it is too low, then it is unlikely to be a real Rolex.  Also, watch for any imperfections as the brand has the highest quality standards.  Even a ticking Rolex is a fake one because the watches use an automatic movement that sweeps rather than ticking.

Choosing the perfect Rolex

There are many amazing watches in the range and choosing one is very much a personal choice.  Traditionally, Rolex watches were smaller and understated in their design though newer ranges opt for the bigger, bolder looks that are quite fashionable.

In the sports range, the Rolex Submariner is a top choice and comes in a variety of styles with prices from £7,000.  The black model with a steel strap is a popular choice.  A larger option is the Deepsea while the Yachtmaster is a dressier look while the Explorer ranges offer a more cost effective range starting from around £3,000.

Rolex are renowned for their dress watches, with the Cellini Time being one of their centrepiece ranges.  This is a good investment with prices starting from £8,500 and rising to over £10,000 depending on the specifics of the watch.  The Datejust ranges are a little more affordable at around £5,500 and have a sleek and slender look to them with a steel strap.

Protect your Rolex Investment


Once you have chosen your watch and sourced it from a reputable retailer, it can be a good idea to have watch insurance taken out on it using a service like Lycetts.  This can protect it if it is lost or stolen.  And wear your watch!  Rolex are designed to be worn so don’t leave it in the box but have it on your wrist and enjoy it all of the time.