Home Finance How Are Rolex Watches Performing as Investments in 2022?

How Are Rolex Watches Performing as Investments in 2022?

How Are Rolex Watches Performing As Investments in 2022?
Image by MonacoCannes from Pixabay

As one of the leading brand names in watch design, many people understandably consider Rolex watches to be the very best ones for investments. Indeed, you could argue that Rolex is among the very top brands for luxury and glamour in any sector. Consequently, you might think that investing in any Rolex watch will make for a good return. Although there are no guarantees for luxury watch purchases – and any form of investment, for that matter – there are some things to consider at 2022 proceeds. What should you bear in mind for the current investment potential of Rolex watches this year?

Firstly, it is a good idea to think about scarcity and performance and watch features. Even Rolex watches that are not in mint condition can continue to accrue value as they age because there are not many particular styles that come up for sale on the second-hand market. Sometimes, the fact that a model has been discontinued is a good indicator of the potential for large-scale value growth. 

Submariner – Kermit

A good example of this – although it can be found in other Rolex models, too – is when the Swiss watchmaker withdrew the Submariner 16610LV model. Nicknamed the Kermit for its green appearance, Rolex’s fiftieth anniversary model of the all-time classic Submariner. It was withdrawn twelve years ago and promptly started to go up in value. Today, it is worth well over three times what it would have cost to purchase back in 2010 when it was withdrawn.

Another fashionably trendy green watch that has been performing well in recent times for investors is the Cosmograph Daytona Green Dial: John Mayer Edition. The 116508 model number was priced at just over £43,000 when it was sold in 2010. Nowadays, to purchase one on the used market would set you back something approaching the £90,000 mark depending on the watch’s condition, according to the Essex-based watch dealer, Bonds of Brentwood. This luxury watch has become something of a style icon, highly desired in many quarters. Even if the design isn’t to your personal taste, you’d have to admit that it is distinctive in its appearance. Currently, it seems, this is exactly the sort of thing that investor-buyers are looking for in the market.


Scarcity is also driving up the value of several Rolex Daytona stainless steel watches. Models like the 116500LN, white dial version are some of the hardest to track down by collectors, and, as you might expect, this makes them sought-after by investors, too. About a year to eighteen months ago, a model like the 116500LN would command a second-hand price tag of about £20,000 for a boxed one in mint condition. Nowadays, the asking price would be upwards of £30,000, and there doesn’t, as yet, appear to be any deceleration in the way the watch is continuing to accrue value.


Finally, the Rolex GMT-Master 1675 is another all-time classic design that attracts investors. This one peaked in value in 2020 before a sharp, if modest, fall in asking prices. Since then, however, growth has been upward once more. Given it has been popular for many, many years, few would not see this model as constituting a particularly safe investment right now.

Featured Image by MonacoCannes from Pixabay