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How to Choose a Watch as a Gift for an Aspiring Gentleman

Special occasions often require a special gift and a watch is a popular one for both its commemorative qualities and the practicality of a good watch.  Choosing a watch for yourself is just a case of going with your taste but what about if you are buying a watch for someone else?  How do you choose a watch as a gift?

Buying for a man

There’s nothing to stop you simply going with your instinct when selecting a watch but if you don’t feel confident doing this, then there are some questions to ask to help guide your decision-making process.

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For example, what is the typical weekly attire of the guy in question?  Is he a business suit person or a business casual style?  Or is he more of a jeans and t-shirt or polo shirt type?  Within that, what kind of style does he have – is he conservative or trendy yet classic?  Or is he a laid back and casual type, maybe the kind of guy who goes for the latest in fashion?

New versus vintage

For the modern guy who is fashion conscious, then you will definitely want to go with a new watch and one that has the very latest in style elements included in it.  Many top brands such as TAG Heuer and Breitling will have classic ranges but also release new styles that are very much focused on the fashion-conscious consumer.

If the person you are buying for is a conservative dresser or a classic style of man, then you may want to consider a classic style of watch or even a vintage style.  Someone with an appreciation of the finer things will appreciate a quality watch for its style, technical details and timeless appeal.

The Smart Watch

The latest development in the world of watches is the smart watch, the Apple Watch being one of the most well-known of these devices.  They offer the look of a watch with the features of a tiny smartphone and are a great option for the tech fan.

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Other classic watch making names have entered the Smart Watch arena with the Tag Heuer Modular range being one example.  One big part of this range is that there are hundreds (or rumored to be thousands) of different options for the watch to allow you to personalize it completely.  It also comes with the Android Wear software to connect to the internet and access various smart watch features.

Choosing the perfect gift

A watch makes a wonderful gift for someone but it always pays to use a credible store when making a purchase.  Not only do you have the guarantee of quality but also the ability to return the item if for some reason the recipient doesn’t like it – but that very likely won’t happen with these quality watches.

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