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American Crew Hair & Skin Repair for the Winter

I can’t say that I’m one for the cooler months. In reality, this season I only pass through Philadelphia on occasion before heading abroad to the summer months in Australia and South Africa this January. But at times, in short spurts, I can enjoy the the cold air and the transition from fall to winter…and seasons in general.  Nonetheless, an undeniable downside to the shifting of seasons are the effects to my facial skin, beard, and scalp. My scalp and cheeks tends to dry up take an unhealthier look not nearly as aesthetically pleasing. Not what I have to do in order to get my Hair & Skin Repair to make all look good again.

One of the choices I made to freshen up and to repair my skin and was to switch and start using American Crew products for men. The difference in using a daily moisturizing shampoo, molding mask and the moisturizing shaving cream are subtle but real. I’ll share some of my scalp and skin tips so you don’t end up preferring to stay inside like a hermit during these winter months

Skin, scalp, and grooming tips for men

Bringing Sexy Back

shampooClean is sexy. American Crew Moisturizing shampoo combines superior ingredients that are used specifically to rejuvenate the hair and skin. The combination of rosemary and thyme extracts moisturizes the dome. They add chamomile extract along with rice bran oil to bring back the natural shine for that healthy look in addition to increasing strength and providing moisture to make the hair soft and irresistible.

To use in normal application: wet hair well, apply small amount to hair and massage in and rinse out. It’s ingredients are mild properties, which softens and conditions the hair. American Crew sells the line of products on the web. You can order the Moisturizing shampoo ranging in size from approximately $10 to $23.00.

Cheek to Cheek.

Most girls (mine does) prefer to feel smooth skin on their cheeks rather than the rough feel of stubble, which is the reason I reached for American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream. It’s a natural healing moisturizer with antiseptic properties whipped with rich vitamins and nutrients that work. FragrenceNet.com allows you to use a coupon to purchase this product. It’s on sale right now for just under $11 or you can order directly from https://americancrew.com.
It restores what the sun took away and protects during the cooler months. The remarkable herbal formula compounds vitamins A, B, and E, avocado oil and sweet almond oil together to make a powerful shaving cream that prevents dryness and razor burn. American Crew Shaving Cream will not dry your face out. If you have dry or sensitive skin like I do, this is the product you want to use.

The application calls for warm water and a wet face. Apply the cream completely with shave cream and go at it like usual. When you are satisfied with your shave, put the Post Shave Cooling Lotion on and you’re done. If you want a closer shave, use the Moisturizing Shave Cream first and next, a layer of Lubricating Shave Oil.

The Hair is a Man’s Pride and Joy.

As a man, styling and profiling has always been my thing. My hair always has to be on point: after all, it was my pride and joy. American Crew Molding Clay is a crucial element at my place. This stuff is magnificent.

molding clayIt’s made of white clay from the Paris Basin. Impressive, huh? I thought so, too. Anyways, it contains beeswax and some of the essential oils, orange, spearmint, lime and peppermint, to stimulate and heal the hair. Because of the mints, my hair smells fresh and clean all of the time, but it’s not loud smelling.

Using the clay is easy. After you have washed and towel dried your hair, press the clay firmly and take a tiny about into the palms and distribute throughout the hair. It’s ready to style. The molding clay conditions the hair, adds body and improves texture.

With the molding clay, I can style my hair any way I want. It won’t even damage my hair if I wash everyday. Being active in sports and being on the go all of the time, I was looking for a product like this. It’s perfect for men sweat a lot and who lead similar progressive lifestyles. Just so you know, the official supplier to men, American Crew, sells this for $16.95 (3oz).



If you’re like me, you’re too busy to shop at the and prefer Amazon Prime and shops like those.  You can order all of the American Crew products on their online store.  However, other options to purchase them in person include 18/8 Fine Men Salons, Judes Barber Shop, Fantastic Sams, the Hair cuttery, Knockouts, greatclips, Ulta Beauty, SportClips Haircuts, Jude’s Barber Shop, beauty first, and Floyds. Or of course, just order them online too.

This post was brought to you by American Crew as part of their online blogger ambassador program.

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