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5 Tips to caring for your jewelry in Ohio

Tips to caring for your jewelry in Ohio

Owning precious jewelry is a great form of investment. Whether it’s gold, silver, diamonds, or any other precious metals and gems, they’re great stores of value. When worn as a fashion accessory, they’re lustrous, beautiful and exude a certain elegance to the wearer. Taking care of your jewelry should come naturally as a jewelry owner. Wearing it regularly exposes it to risks of getting scratched and dirtied. So what should you do to prevent your precious items from dulling? Here are 5 tips to caring for your jewelry:

  1. Store them properly

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Storing your jewelry properly is key to keeping them looking good. When storing your pieces, make sure to sort them by type. Separate your gold, silver, pearl, diamonds, etc. so they won’t be in a big disorganized mess. Also, know that each type has specific cleaning methods so it’s easier to clean them when they’re stored according to type. In storing pearls, make sure to put them in a container or bag that is not too dry and tight as they can get damaged. In choosing the type of storage, zip bags or purses with soft cloth is ideal. Avoid using linen, net, and jersey cloth as they offer very minimal protection against outside elements. Wooden boxes are also cool, as long as the walls are lined with soft foam and they’re laid on soft cotton wool.

  1. Wash them correctly

There are different ways to cleaning different types of jewelry. In silver pieces, consider using dip type cleaners. It’s safe and effective in keeping your jewelry shiny.  Just don’t leave it dipped too long and make sure to dry it completely afterwards. It’s also helpful to polish them weekly to avoid tarnishing. For gemstone items, a soft brush and mild soapy water will do the trick. A jewelry cleaning solution will also work, so don’t be afraid to get recommendations from professionals. If you have antique pieces, you have to be very careful in cleaning them on your own. Avoid exposing them to acidic environments, and consider getting an expert’s opinion on cleaning them.

  1. Avoid exposing them to harmful elements

Precious jewelry is made of various metals and these elements react to certain elements. As a jewelry owner, you have to be aware which elements go against each other and avoid putting your jewelry near them to prevent tarnishing. Avoid exposing them to daily chemicals such as hair products, cosmetics, and perfumes. Direct sunlight is also likely to damage them. Keep them away from acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon. Beaded jewelry should be kept dry at all times lest they lose their sheen. When it comes to cleaners, never use abrasive ones as they could strip the metals with their harshness. It’s okay to use it for silver and gold though, but it’s not always necessary.

  1. Take it off when doing physical activity

Whenever you’re going to do something physical, take your jewelry off. Not only are they going to distract you, you also risk losing them and damaging them. Just imaging running with dangling pearl earrings and a platinum charm bracelet. It’s going to be very uncomfortable moving with them around. So for your own safety and the jewelry’s security, take them off and keep it in a safe place while you’re out running or doing some workouts.

  1. Ask a professional

If you still don’t know where to start or you’re not convinced if you’re doing things right, you’re always welcome to seek professional help. Visit a local jewelry store. There are tons out there for sure. Jewelry Dayton Ohio for one is brimming with helpful professionals that would advise you on what to do when it comes to maintaining your jewelry.

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