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Men 2019 Fashion Trends According to PacSun

Men 2019 Fashion Trends

Considered as one of the largest and most popular fashion stores in the US, PacSun never ceases to amaze each year. This year, they are having amazing trends for men that are going to wow your imagination.

From printed funky shirts to checkered sneakers, you should expect more fashion trends from the retail giant. In recent years, we have seen men’s fashion trends come and go. So, there’s a big chance that we’ll see some old trends being reinvented in 2019. According to PacSun, these are the trends that will outline the year:

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1. Side-Striped Pants

Popular with Adidas wear, side-striped pants are going to be a dominating trend in 2019. They are ideally a summer fashion because of their flexibility and comfort characteristics. This year, the trend will be popular among younger men because they show an element of coolness, especially when paired with sneakers.

2. Clothes with Logos

Don’t be surprised seeing more men wearing Adidas, Kappa, Champion, Tommy Jeans, and PacSun clothes this year. They’ll be looking to be identified with a specific recognizable brand. However, don’t expect people to wear logos from top to bottom.

3. Khaki Shorts

Khakis have always trend and thus nothing will stop them from making a fashion statement this year. Surprisingly, a good number of men will be going for khaki shorts.  According to PacSun, the ones that will attract most men are khaki volley shorts and khaki slim-fit shorts. This is because they go well with both t-shirts and shirts.

4. Pastel Streetwear

Pastel refers to any color that’s peach, army green, baby blue or lavender. PacSun predicts more men going for the color this year than ever before. This is probably because they are more mannish than bright colors like pink, red, and yellow. Most men who will be looking for streetwear in 2019 will be opting for the color. From clothes to shoes, there’s no doubt that pastels will be trending.

5. Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are making their comeback in 2019 and it’s to no surprise. They are historically known as trendy streetwear for young men. This year, men will be going for flannel shirts with funny graphics printed on the back. The shirts are best worn unbuttoned over plain T-shirts. They pair well with denim or khaki pants.

6. Bright Beanies

The beanie hat swagger will still persist in 2019. However, we will see more men going for bright colors like orange and pink. Some will consider printed options and others will prefer plain ones. Most buyers in 2019 will be young men.

7. Vans Check Shoes

Regarded as a vintage style, vans check sneakers will trend in 2019 just as they have in the last two years. Though they come in different colors, the most liked are black and white checkered options. They come in amazing style like block era and slip-on.  Both options are best paired with shorts or skinny jeans.

8. Chelsea Boots

Lastly, ask any young men about what they would prefer to wear when they go to a casual event and they will tell you that the answer is comfortable boots. So, expect Chelsea boots to re-assert themselves this year. According to PacSun, they are best paired with destroyed jeans. Though there are many colors, PacSun predicts that brown and black options will take over the year. This is because they blend well with most colors.


With so much to change in the men’s fashion world, you just can’t tell what to expect this year. But thanks to PacSun’s help, you should watch out for the above trends. They are likely to sell big this year. You can find new 2019 PacSun coupons for the trends and many others online if you shop early. Besides, the earlier you embrace the trend, the more time you get to enjoy it.

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