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Guide To Choosing the Perfect Punjabi Kada for Men

Guide To Choosing the Perfect Punjabi Kada for Men
Photo by Vinit Vispute on Unsplash

Punjabi kadas are part of the religious garb of many Punjabi and Sikh families. Most people wear them for religious reasons, while others wear them simply to be fashionable. It is traditionally constructed of steel, but you can find other options. Other than gold or silver, SarbLoh Kada is mostly made of iron or steel.

Because Punjabi kadas are worn for religious reasons, iron or steel is significant. In Punjabi traditions, it symbolizes strength and provides protection to the wearer. Though in modern times, most religious pieces get translated into fashion items. That being said, you can wear a bracelet & kada for both religious and aesthetic reasons.

In this post, we aim to give you all the information necessary to pick the right Punjabi kada for you.

Picking the right size

Often if you haven’t measured your size properly and just eyeballed the measurement, your bracelet & kada for men will be too big or too small for you. As it is something you are going to wear every day, we advise you to get the right measurements.

There are two ways to determine the size of your kada.

  • Without a kada or a bangle 
  • with a kada or a bangle

If you are not already wearing a kada, follow the simple steps below to determine your kada size.

Measure the distance between the knuckle of your ring finger and your pointer finger with a measuring tape/scale; this distance is your kada size.

After size, it is important to determine the thickness of the bangle you want. The average width for a kada is 7mm, but it can go as high as 12mm. If you are going to wear it every day, we suggest you go for a lighter one. 

Choosing the metal

Now that you are confident about your sizing, it is time to choose the metal. Punjabi kadas are traditionally made of steel or iron, but brass is quickly becoming a popular option.

steel kada
Image by Love2021 from Pixabay

Brass kada

Brass is an alloy made up of copper and zinc, with copper accounting for around 66 percent and zinc for 34 percent. A small proportion of other metals, such as aluminum, makes brass stronger and more corrosion resistant. Brass has long been a popular decorative metal due to its bright gold-like appearance. As a result, it has been used to make jewelry & mens earring since ancient times.

Brass has a gold-like brilliance. However, because of the environment, it may lose its luster if worn frequently.

How to clean a brass kada?

Cleaning brass using an acidic solution such as lemon juice or vinegar is effective. To restore the luster of brass jewelry, simply dip a clean cotton cloth or a soft bristle brush in warm water and rub it on the item.

Gold or silver kada

Purity, quality, and pricing are all qualities of gold jewelry. Pure gold is often soft to use. To make pure gold more durable, it is usually alloyed with other metals. Men’s gold kada designs blend metals to create a robust and tough appearance.

The caratage categories are 18K, 22K, and 24K; the higher the caratage, the higher the purity. Gold jewelry comes in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, and rose, and designs that feature dual-tone or multiple tone variations.


There are numerous designs available for bracelets & kadas. 

  • Kada with two metals
  • Rounded kada
  • Traditional sarbloh collar kada
  • Thin sharp brass line kada
  • Black collar kada
  • Flat brass line kada

You can also find kadas with religious scriptures engraved on them. There are options to customize the kada and have a phrase engraved in it. 

Kada for fashion

The Punjabi kada can be worn as a fashion statement by men too. And this opens up a lot of room for more experimental jewelry. There are beaded bracelets and bracelets with charms. You will also find kadas with initials engraved or stamped on them.

When styling any piece of jewelry, it is important for it to be functional or, at the very least, not get in the way. Kadas go well with traditional Indian clothing like kurtas and Patiala suits.

Beliefs behind wearing a kada

  • It is a symbol of secrecy and politeness.
  • Some Sikhs and Punjabis think that the kada represents their servitude to God. This serves as a reminder that they are living and functioning in the presence of a divine power.

Why wear a copper kada?

Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of natural products

Brass has antibacterial characteristics because metal has a significant amount of copper. Because the Kada is in continual touch with the skin, it absorbs copper and enters the body. Copper has been scientifically confirmed to have antibacterial properties.

  • Better metabolic functioning
  • Brass is proven to aid with digestion and inflammation reduction.
  • It boosts your energy.

Medical experts discovered that when metal is worn close to the skin, it causes an increase in blood flow and positively affects the body. Copper and brass, for example, have electromagnetic properties, as does your body. Ionic abilities can work together to regulate blood flow and increase energy levels.


Punjabi kadas are a symbol of their connection to the almighty power. This serves as a reminder that they are living and functioning in the presence of divine power. It is imperative to find an online store that sells quality products at the best priceAs there are so many options even when choosing a kada for men, we hope that this guide was able to clear some of your doubts.

Featured Photo by Vinit Vispute on Unsplash