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6 Fun Sports to Play Recreationally

6 Fun Sports to Play Recreationally
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Playing sports can boost your social skills, teach you the importance of teamwork, develop long-lasting friendships, and reduce stress and anxiety, so it makes sense you’ll want to find an activity that fills you with excitement and joy. With that in mind, here are six fun sports you can play recreationally.


There are several reasons why millions of people across the globe play tennis. This sport can help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles, bones, and heart, and let you play with loved ones. Whether you’re new to tennis or have played before, you’ll develop teamwork and sportsmanship skills that can up your game and help you become a better player. Tennis is also fantastic for boosting your social skills, hand-eye coordination, and even living longer. If you don’t want to play tennis professionally, simply head to a nearby court with your buddies, where you can play for hours on end.


Another fun sport you can play recreationally is baseball. Regarded as one of the country’s most unique sports, playing baseball can improve your health, increase coordination, and deliver a thrill like no other. Unlike many other sports where you can win the game early on, anything can occur during a baseball game. Like tennis, you can play baseball for fun. Simply call up a few friends, head to a baseball pitch, and you’re ready and raring to go. Whatever your agility, there are portable pitching platforms sized for all levels of competition you can buy to enhance your play. 


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Thousands of kids and adults across the country love playing softball, and for a good reason. This sport can boost your hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular health. Softball is a sport that involves swinging, running, and throwing, which makes it a great choice for those wishing to boost muscle strength and endurance. What’s more, you’ll find softball can be played for a lifetime. This means you can start playing when you’re a child and partake in the game until your senior years.


Soccer is another fun sport that you can play recreationally. This game is fantastic for maintaining health, strength, fitness, and endurance. Whether you play soccer in a club or just have a kick around with friends, this sport is suited for all ages and experiences. Ensure you’re drinking plenty of fluids to keep hydrated to get the most out of a soccer game. As you begin playing soccer, you’ll notice a huge boost in your confidence and learning the value of teamwork


To succeed in hockey, it takes teamwork, cooperation, and concentration. As you play this sport, you can create new friendships, making the game more enjoyable. If you’re playing ice hockey, understandably, skating is one of the sport’s most fundamental skills. If you are comfortable moving on the ice, this will build your confidence and help you excel in the sport. There are hockey ice rinks dotted all over the country, meaning you’re never too far away from partaking and joining in on all the fun!


For those who love music and can’t help but dance along, why not head to a dance class near you and turn it into a hobby? Whatever style of dancing interests you most, you can meet others who share the same passion and learn all kinds of routines that will keep your brain stimulated. Dancing is a fun sport that is enjoyed by millions in the US.

Whatever sport above interests you most, there are many clubs you can join, allowing you to partake in games that can provide endless hours of fun and activity. Whether you play with friends or join a team, playing sports can benefit both the mind and body.

Featured Image by marijana1 from Pixabay