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Guide for Buying Fashionable Hats for Holiday Gifts

Fashionable Hats
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Guide for Buying Fashionable Hats for Holiday Gifts

Are you searching for a fabulous holiday gift for your special man; have you thought about Fashionable Hats? Whether he is a father, brother, son, or friend, a fashionable hat is the answer. With Christmas around the corner, you could not ask for a better-personalized gift than a fashion hat. So, read on to know how to spread cheerfulness around this season while ringing in the New Year with love, warmth, and optimism. 

You will agree that hats rule the roost when it comes to holiday shopping gift ideas for men. They are not only unique but also come packed with a special charm for the receiver. So, cash in on this exclusive idea to make your gifts unique, practical, and memorable. 

But wait, before you head on to buy the gift this holiday season, make sure to pick the style that ensures utmost satisfaction for your gift. Here’s how and what to gift to the precious man in your life…………………

Gifts for Him—

  • Lifestyle and profession—Purchasing a hat for your man? Keep in mind his profession and lifestyle. Whether you are buying for a young and vibrant company executive, a college guy, or a senior-level business professional, make sure that the gift suits his professional attire. Likewise, the hobbies of a person can help you decide on a suitable hat style. 
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  • Mind the size—Do you have any idea about the size of the hat to be gifted? The rule of thumb is to ask the person about the correct size. This will save you from the trouble of returning. Moreover, when you opt for reliable brands, you can be assured of getting the perfect fit.
  • Facial shape—Giving due consideration to the person’s facial shape for whom you are buying is mandatory. Never go for a hat simply because it looks attractive. Broad-brimmed hats like derbies and fedoras are ideal styles for a person with an oblong face. No matter which hat you decide to pick, the clue is to see that it should not highlight facial flaws. Instead, it must accentuate features to lend a great look for the wearer. 
      1. Oval: this shape is suitable with just about any style of hat.
      2. Oblong: The best styles for this shaper are fedoras, floppy hats, or cloches.
      3. Round: Any hat with wide brims are sutable like cloches or fedoras.
      4. Triangular: You find a hat with high crown and narrow brims. Also consider buying hats with decorative elements on one site, this will create an asymmetrical effect.
      5. Square: Try hats with matching shapes such as cloches or hats with round crowns. 
      6. Diamond: With This is the most flexably shape in that it mathces any style with a long brim as long as the hat is not as wide as the shoulders.
      7. Heart: You can choose hats with bucket styles or one with small brims. A beret or baseball cap will highlight your forehead so avoid these styles unless you want your forehead to appear bigger.
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  • Hair and Complexion—Although almost all hat colors can look well on any male. However, some look great with specific hair color and complexion. For example, gray, brown, and blue hats are best suited for those with a ruddy complexion, and those having brown or grey hair look well in green or grey color hats. 

Conclusion | Fashionable Hats

Hats provide a sense of style to a gentleman giving clues to their background. For many men, it can be a selective process to find the perfect hat that matches their style. Hats are defiantly a fashion statement for a man, whether it’s a baseball hat or a fedora. Hats are making a comeback after being overlooked for some years. A hat is a very versatile fashion item that can be used for many fashion and practicable purposes. 


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