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Getting Back To Basics

It’s easy to forget, when dressing up in suits for work, when constantly choosing the best shirt to match that tie or the right shoes to compliment that jacket that there are times where getting back to basics is the only, and best option. In a world where everyone is trying to stand out, whether they want to be the most dapper person in the room, the most inked, or the most outlandish – no one wants to fade away. But that doesn’t mean that the basics are bad. Sometimes all you need is the basics – you don’t need the newest suit, the perfect tailoring, the best colour to light up a room and draw everyone’s eyes. You can look, and be the best you with just the basics.


A comfy pair of sweats or jeans is perfect. It completely depends on your personal style as to whether you want to choose spray on skinny jeans, turned up Levi’s, or a pair of jeans that are so soft with age it’s like sliding on Egyptian cotton. Think of pants as a base to build your outfit around. The colour should complement whatever else you choose to wear, but doesn’t have to be part of a colour scheme for the outfit.


A basic shirt can make an outfit, in that it sets the tone for the ensemble. With the colder weather here to stay, you might want to choose a long-sleeved shirt or layer it with a button up shirt. Longer t-shirts have been on trend for a few seasons, and it doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Brighter colours can be matched with the same colour in the shoes or can be grounded with black or darker shaded accessories.


Again because of the winter months, it’s probably wise to have a sweatshirt on hand at all times. Not only is it practical, but it can really complete the outfit. Pick an oversized cut that you can slouch in and be comfy in, and in a colour that either blends nicely or directly contrasts your shirt choice. Don’t let the colours clash. Hooded, or not, zipped or not, look at these made in the USA sweatshirts as examples of cuts and styles.


Again, your shoes can ground your colour choices, or enhance them. But more than anything, they should be comfortable. You spend your days in tight, structured shoes that you dare not scuff. So wear a pair of sneakers that offer complete comfort, while still looking great.


Even though you’re going basic, no outfit is complete without the perfect watch. Business Insider has a concise list of the only five watches that you’d ever need, for any occasion. A wide, plain face, with a coloured leather strap, is the cherry on top of a perfect look.

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