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Get the Look: Ultimate Denim Trends for Winter

Get the Look: Ultimate Denim Trends for Winter
Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

Back & Better

This year has been an interesting one for the luxurious fabric world of denim, and it’s safe to say the trend has been slowly crawling back into our hearts! It’s easy to miss it, but denim trends are changing and gearing up to take over the world this winter season. Lucky for you, this means it is also coming during the festive season, so at least now your designer outlet will definitely have a sale perfect for your Christmas list.

Denim has proven itself again and again as a worthwhile contender for the timeless styles that the fashion world has had to offer; somewhere up there with cashmere, denim continues to impress. The hardest part about keeping up with fashion is that, much like technology, fashion is constantly changing and evolving; it changes along with the seasons. Right now, as the winter season approaches, the denim world has so much to offer. Here are some of the trendiest denim items and style ideas for you to try out this winter.

Washed Out Look

Before getting into the specific styles, you need to note the comeback of the used and washed look. It is becoming popular to rock that faded denim look, which means bringing back some of those old pieces or some of your parent’s favorite denim garments will be the perfect addition to your winter denim set. But if you have a little bit of spending money this winter season and want to spoil yourself, brands like Levi’s are introducing new collections centered around the washed-out look. The benefit of buying these collections is that the wear is only for aesthetics. The comeback itself offers the thriftier crowd an opportunity to make a massive fashion statement this season.

Denim Jackets

Finally, these bad boys are back. Jean jackets are a mainstay of any fashionista’s collection, and yours can finally stop collecting dust inside your closet. Designer brands are dropping collections of these denim jackets every season, and this winter shows us that denim jackets are all the rage. For most people, this is a stroke of luck because it won’t be costing them an arm or a leg to get stuck into the winter trends, as the majority of people probably have a jean jacket tucked away somewhere, just waiting to be shown off again.

The true fashion fanatics of the industry that have been watching the trends of the denim jacket change since the turn of the 19th century will definitely appreciate you wearing some vintage garments that show off the iconic elements and fashion statements these easy to wear pieces bring to the table.

Man with child in denim jackets
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

The best thing about the denim jacket craze, especially when you own a vintage piece you had forgotten about, is that uniqueness and true individuality are being rewarded now more than ever! This means it is time for the customizations to begin!

Patchwork & Embellishment

Denim is one of the most versatile materials in the fashion industry and one of the few that takes well to fun and unique styling. This means that the sky’s the limit when it comes to how you add to the design of your pieces. One of the more popular styles is patchwork, which is an easy but effective way of adding personal flair to your items. Because denim is a strong material, it is very easy to apply iron-on patches, which are readily available, boasting a variety of options from your favorite programs to symbols that suit you!

Even if you don’t find something you like, you can easily find a place that makes personalized patches, and considering the cheap nature of these patches, there is no excuse NOT to stand out this winter. Even your favorite influencers from J-Lo to Bella Hadid have been spotted sporting their denim garments with custom patchworks like the ones mentioned above.

Another custom style is the embellishment of the bedazzle – adding rubies and other stones, crystals, and minerals. This is starting to become a trend in the higher tier of the fashion industry and will definitely have you ahead of the curve this winter season – while also being amongst the most uniquely dressed. This, along with the art people paint onto their denim, is creating a new stylistic shift that shows new and improved ways of showing off those individualistic denim fits.

Finally, The Styles

From bootcut jeans to bell-bottoms, it can be hard to fully understand the different styles – and what is currently in or not – and right now, straight and bootcut are the way to go in the jean department. When it comes to the general styles, it is time for vintage to make a return! Due to the biggest denim designers basing their styles mainly on the vintage era, you can save a lot of money going on a thrift shop and vintage store mission.

Thus, collecting your winter wardrobe at a fraction of the price (while also getting some unique pieces that no one can replicate). There has been a rise in non-complete styles of denim where there is only a portion of the garment made of denim. This means only a patch on the top of the pockets of a shirt! On the other side of the spectrum, there has also been a rise in head-to-toe outfits dedicated to the denim trend where from your hat to your shoes, you are draped in denim – but this definitely seems to be on the more adventurous side of the fashion scene.

Denim Never Ends

Denim is a trend that will not die, because time and time again, it seems to find its way back to the forefront of the fashion scene, completely taking over with its charm. It is easy to style when it suits you and makes outfit choices a breeze because this versatile fabric is perfect for any season really. Whether you are in the heart of summer or approaching the icy winter, denim will have you covered, looking stylish, dapper, and quite vintage. What more could you want from any fabric?

Featured Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay