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Canada Experience: Spot A Polar Bear or Have Dinner in Toronto

Canada Experience: Spot A Polar Bear or Have Dinner in Toronto
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

Canada is the dream destination for everyone. With its diverse range of natural offerings, impeccable living conditions- Canada attracts a massive throng of tourists and immigrants every year. 

There is something for everyone to do in Canada- whatever be your temperament. The Canadian experience is myriad and eclectic- so you can have a fine dining experience in Toronto and spot a polar bear in Churchill, in northern Manitoba. Traveling to Canada is on the bucket list for many.

The Great White North has a lot to offer to the besotted travelers. Canada is located close to the North Pole and extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean in the north, making it the second-largest country globally and one of the coldest. So confused about where to start from and how to make the most of your Canada experience? We got you! From dining to wildlife, we have suggestions for it all. Read on to plan your Canada trip to experience the whole of Canada without missing any places. 

Spotting a Polar Bear

If you have been excited about seeing polar bears on National Geography and want to watch them in real life in their natural habitat- then head over to Churchill, Manitoba, located along the Hudson Bay. 

Polar bear tours are the most popular things to do in Canada and are home to over 60 percent of the world’s polar bear population. A wildlife safari in winter to spot polar bears is exciting and breathtakingly beautiful. 

Polar Bear
Image by 358611 from Pixabay

Glistening snow and cold breeze, there’s so much that the wildlife safari has to offer. The presence of polar bears is almost guaranteed from autumn to winter. Canada is home to 17,000 polar bears approximately. If lucky, you may also spot seals in the waters. 

When to visit Canada to spot polar bears? 

  • In winters – With peak temperatures, it’s difficult to stay out for long. But, winters are when you’ll spot a huge number of polar bears gathered around the waters to hunt. You can easily find about 30 to 40 polar bears in a cluster. 
  • In summers – Of course, it might be comfortable for us humans but not so much for those furry bears- but because of the area’s proximity to the North pole- you can find a few polar bears loitering even in the summer.

The mode of transportation for polar bear tours is Tundra vehicles. You can book a 5-7 days package trip. The hotels look like traditional log cabins and are breathtakingly beautiful.

During winters, be prepared for sudden and heavy snowfall- it might be picturesque but can also become boring when stuck indoors. Your luck might have run out on spotting polar bears, but you can always try your luck by playing a few rounds of poker on some of the best online casinos in Canada.

The best weather to go to Churchill is winter. You can also spot northern lights if you’re lucky. Polar bear tours are becoming more popular every day. Polar bears and Northern lights? That’s the whole Canada experience at its best. 

Dining in Toronto

Have you watched the food channels or blogs on YouTube- then you will know that the gastronomical experience in Canada is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Every place in the country has something unique to offer, but the best dining options are available in Toronto.

Toronto Restaurant
Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

The dining options, the ideas, the flavor, everything is impeccable. With over 12,000 dining places, Toronto has something to offer for every palate. From street food to fine dining, all dining options in Toronto are sure to make you forget your diet. Here are some places you can choose to eat from, but remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

  • DaiLo – Located at 503 College St., this place offers scrumptious Cantonese food. Traditional Chinese fare is given a flair by incorporating French cooking styles. It also has vegetarian and vegan options making it an inclusive dining place. Hakka wontons, Big Mac Bao, and truffle fried rice are the top dining options. 
  • Byblos – An Eastern Mediterranean restaurant located at 11 Duncan street, everything you eat in Byblos will make you lick your fingers. It has a great selection of Lebanon and Moroccan food. Hazelnut chocolate mousse and roasted lamb shoulders are the best picks here. 
  • Aloette – This restaurant is located at 163 Spadina Ave. Known for its lemon meringue and an iceberg wedge salad, this eatery is sure to have you want to come back to Toronto to grab a bite. 
  • Richmond Station – Located at 1 Richmond street- is owned by the Top Chef Canada winner Carl Heinrich. With fantastic service and delicious food, Richmond Station is a top pick among foodies. 


  • The weather you choose to travel in when visiting Canada is crucial. If you’re an explorer who wants to see every part of the city or a food lover who wants to try every cuisine and every restaurant, going in winter is a bad idea. Going in winter also means staying in most of the time, and your plans are canceled due to heavy snow.
  • Though winters mean more polar bear sightings and more probability of getting a look at the Northern lights, it also means being covered in layers of thermal wear to help you beat the cold. Summers are easier to travel and better to explore. And you almost always find a couple or more polar bears near the waters.
  • Toronto has numerous dining places. Dinner in Toronto is quite a task as there is one restaurant every square foot. Canada’s experience exposes you to new cuisines and people and has you appreciating wildlife in cold regions. Regardless of if you spot a polar bear or not, the snow-covered region is worth a look. 

Canada is one of the most popular places to visit, and it has the best places to explore. From the nightlife to the wildlife and the scenic beauty, Canada is truly an experience you’ll never forget.

Featured Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay