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Travel Canada by Car

Travel Canada by Car
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

Lately, more and more people are choosing staycations over vacations – a concept further encouraged since the spread of Coronavirus. And in a beautiful place like Canada, many people are getting in their car and exploring everything our country has to offer – which is a lot. Here are some tips and advice about how to travel to Canada by car.

Health and Safety

To begin with, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. You first need to consider your safety when traveling, especially if you are using your own vehicle. You’ll need a plan in place should you face an obstacle such as a flat tire or a broken windscreen, or any other auto-related problems. Ensure you have sufficient roadside assistance should you break down on your journey and a spare tire in the trunk in case of emergency. And check out this link for windshield replacement advice, should you need it. It’s also important to monitor how much gas you are using; you don’t want to get caught in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank.

Pick a route

There are many different options for which driving route you want to take around Canada. You should, of course, consider your starting and endpoint – you most likely want to start and end at home (if you live in Canada already). The time and cost of the journey should also be considered – how much are you willing to drive? How many nights will you need to pay for a hotel stay? Will you be able to camp? How much is your gas going to cost? As well as all these more practical considerations you should also think about what you want to see, the place you wish to visit on your road trip. Check out these top tips for the best places in Canada to visit. If you are looking for a bit more guidance with your route planning, there are plenty of pre-planned routes through Canada that take all the stress of planning out of your hands, leaving more time to enjoy yourself.

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Prepare for any weather

We all know that Canada can experience some pretty intense weather which can make driving quite a risky activity. Check the weather conditions before you set off and ensure your vehicle is equipped with snow tires. You should also be prepared for road closures and should plan alternate routes, should that be necessary. The temperature can differ wildly across Canada, so it’s essential to do your research and pack the appropriate footwear and clothing.

Bear Safety

When traveling through Canada, you properly have your eye on visiting some of the country’s beautiful national parks – but grizzly and black bears can be found in these national parks, and it’s important to be safe when you visit. And in some national parks like Wapusk National Park, you can even encounter polar bears. So, ensure that no food products are visible to bears, dispose of garbage, cook away from campsites, use airtight storage containers. Make it your business to become more knowledgeable about bear safety in Canada.

Featured Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay