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Hidden Treasures to Visit and Do in Ontario

Hidden Treasures to Visit and Do in Ontario
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

When you hear the word “Ontario,” images of the province’s capital, Ottawa, or the busy metropolis of Toronto are likely to come to mind. Nevertheless, there are a few hidden gems in Ontario that many people don’t know about. Most tourists to Ontario aren’t aware of the fascinating views and spectacular experiences that may be found by wandering off the usual path. Find out more about them by reading on.

Become a Flowerpot Islander.

Flowerpot Island is a short boat trip away from Tobermory’s shores. Visitors aren’t drawn to the location because of its charming name; instead, they come to see the breathtaking landscape, which includes unique rock formations that mimic, you got it, flower pots. Supposedly, walking around the island’s perimeter gives stunning views of the island’s beautiful blue coastline and the island’s remarkable vegetation and rocky buildings. Consider yourselves warned: those who fail to carry their cameras should be labeled criminals and barred from future visits to this specific location.

Check Out the Bonnechere Caves in Ontario’s Subterranean World.

Interested in what lies under Ontario’s surface? Fortunately, Bonnechere Caves provide the answer to that question and an unforgettable day spent exploring the province’s underworld. These caverns, located near Eganville, Ontario, Canada, are made out of limestone accumulated over a long time. After exploring the caverns, visitors may take a walk down the surrounding river to soak in even more breathtaking views right out of that same Planet Earth documentary.

Play at Online Casinos in Ontario.

Ontario online casinos are now fully operational! A long wait for iGaming in the province has yielded dividends for bettors who have waited patiently. On April 4, 2022, Ontario became the first province in the world to allow anybody over the age of 19 to play online casino games and sports betting. OLG regulates the online gambling sector in Ontario. This company handles everything from online betting to racetrack wagering and lottery ticket sales. In Ontario, casinos and racetracks are likely to have slot machines and other OLG-regulated games. Now that Ontario’s online casinos are up and running, you cannot miss exploring them.

Stand and Stare the Absolute World Towers.

There are two skyscrapers in Mississauga that seem like they belong in Tokyo. But these two have a distinct ‘twist’ that is unlike any other. Twisting towers built by Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes, known as the Marilyn Monroe Towers, have a unique design. They twist, creating a wonderful visual delight for the eyes that defies the rationality of the human mind. The tallest of these curving structures turns 209 degrees from bottom to top, enough to stump even the most aesthetically oriented people.

Marvel At the Waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario.

The “Waterfall Capital of the World” moniker belongs to Hamilton, Ontario, thanks to the city’s almost 100 waterfalls. While some waterfalls in the region need a longer trek to get to, others may be reached by a short stroll from the road. With its picture-perfect rocky ridges, Albion Falls is one of several stunning waterfalls tourists may pick from, and there are enough waterfalls to satisfy everyone’s wanderlust.

Take a Trip Back in Time to the Library of Parliament.

The Parliament Library, which sits atop Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, was constructed in 1876 and is a considerable architectural marvel. Since the Parliament of Canada relies on it to do its research, it is of integral relevance to the nation’s history and its political and economic future. But for those who aren’t interested in politics or governance, the building is a stunning sight to see. Its ornate sculptures, structures, and arches transport visitors back in time and provide an intriguing blitz from the olden days.

At Lake Huron, Take a Dip in the Waves.

Lake Huron
Photo by Nathan Rose on Unsplash

It’s hard to believe the two words are linked when you think of “surfing” and “Ontario,” it’s hard to believe the two words are linked. If you’re looking for some of Ontario’s most dramatic freshwater surfing experiences, come to Lake Huron. Even if the swell isn’t as huge as it is at some other Canadian surf destinations, even experienced wave riders will enjoy the swell here. Anyone may join in the fun in Lake Huron, even people who have never seen a surfboard in their lives, by taking a few lessons.

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Will Definitely Captivate You.

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, located midway between Toronto and Brampton, makes visitors feel like they’ve been transported to a mystical India as they marvel at the complex construction of this amazing edifice. This majestic mandir is Canada’s biggest and was constructed according to ancient Hindu scriptures using 24,000 hand-carved pieces of Turkish limestone, Italian Carrara marble, and Indian pink stone.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the greatest experiences available only in Ontario, ranging from walks through culture and traditions to explorations of the Canadian presence of nature.

Featured Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay