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Things to Consider Before Choosing Cabinet Hinges

Things to Consider Before Choosing Cabinet Hinges
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

When it is related to cabinets a lot is dependent on the hinges that are used. Their look and utility significantly impact your cabinets’ overall aesthetic and functionality, perhaps even as much as the type of wood used or the finish used to them. How can you make a decision when there is such a diverse selection of options? This article will tell you about all the possibilities and assist you in choosing the most appropriate cabinet hinges

Concealed or exposed hinges:

Exposed hinges are apparent, and this is typically done on purpose. They’re very frequent in both classic American and historic cabinet types. Hidden hinges, on the other hand, provide a cleaner outside appearance and a more contemporary style.

Motion features:

Soft closing hinges, for example, are becoming incredibly popular since they eliminate slamming noise and make door closing as simple as tapping. The most common motion features are as follows:

  • Self-closing: Some concealed hinges have this feature. Soft close hinges are similar, but they draw the door in with little effort from the operator.
  • Soft-close: This feature prevents doors from slamming shut by gradually drawing them in.
  • Self-opening: To open the drawer, press the front of the drawer. It’s a good choice for modern cabinet styles that don’t have any external cabinet hardware.

Door overlay style:

The cabinet hinge type you pick must match the door design you are building for the door to be mounted properly. There are two types of overlay doors:

  • Inset: The door is level with and on the same surface as the cabinet frame. Inset European and butt hinges are the most frequent hinges for inset doors.
  • Full overlay: When closed, the overlay door covers the full cabinet; while open, it exposes the inside wood border of the cabinet box. There are four types of full overlay hinges: partial and full wraparound, flush-mount, and surface mount.
  • Partial overlay: When the cabinet door is closed, the inside wood border of the cabinet frame is visible. The most popular partial overlay door hinges are partial and full wraparound, surface mount, flush-mount, and European.

Wherever you choose to place cabinets such in the kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. choose the type of hinge that will look best. We have listed different options that you have available when choosing cabinet hinges.

Featured Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay