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How to Look and Feel Good Wearing a Suit?

Feel Good Wearing a Suit
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How to Look and Feel Good Wearing a Suit?

Everyone knows that first impression matters, and as much as we like to believe a confident smile and a handshake is all we need; everyone is looking at what you’re wearing. Many prefer the suit and tie in favor of more casual appearance either for comfort or in an effort to appear less uptight and more comfortable. Unfortunately, this is a missed opportunity and a mistake at the same time; nothing matches the instant esteem and the credibility of a well-tailored suit. Read on for tips to feel good wearing a suit

It goes without saying that a suit can be especially useful for a young businessman in need to be taken seriously. The comfort point is simple to manage; a well-cut suit is as comfortable as a pair of jeans or a polo shirt. An uncomfortable suit is either from unsuitable fabric or not your size. Ties can be a serious ache for some, and if they genuinely make you uncomfortable, try to avoid them entirely. Want to look and feel good in a suit? Well, it means you have to feel good about wearing it. Walk down
a busy city, and you’ll see hundreds of men in suits. It’s nearly impossible not to notice 99% of them are just men in tedious suits. Now and then, you’ll see someone looking downright glorious, slick, and confident. Why? Because this man wears a suit and not the other way around. Read on for tips on how to look good in a suit.

Feel Good Wearing a Suit
Foto von The Lazy Artist Gallery von Pexels

Find the right shoulders

There is no secret that shoulders are the toughest area to tailor on a suit. Try as much as possible to overlook the dreaded shoulder divot, and instead get a suit that suits your shoulder size best when shopping around. There is no reason to stress as you tailor can easily take in the waist and adjust for your length, the shoulder should be your primary concern when shopping for a new suit.

Get Your Sleeve and Pants Tailored Not only will you look better in a suit that fits you perfectly, but you will also feel like a million dollars. A good fit is the first step to looking decent in a new suit. Without a suit that hangs from and hugs your body in all the right places, you’ll look ruffled and sloppy – regardless of how hard you try.
With that in mind, investing a few extra bucks in a well-tailored suit will undoubtedly make you look more polished.

Invest in High-Quality Dress Shirt, Belt, and Shoes

There is no point in getting frugal when you want to dress well. You know suits can be an
excellent long-term investment, but how about the rest of your look? A quality pair of shoes, shirt, and belt is imperative if you plan on getting together your professional look.
Consider a Sleek Undershirt If you work in high-stress environments, circulation and sweating problems are nearly impossible to avoid. The sweat will find a way to soak through any barrier, while venous disorders will make wearing suits a nuisance. That said, investing in compression socks not only prevents the occurrence of, but it also guards against further evolution of venous disorders such as thrombosis and edema. In turn,
wearing an undershirt beneath your shirt will block the sweat and help you hide those annoying underarm sweat marks while helping your shirt appear fresher for a long time.

Your Tie Should Be Darker than Your Shirt

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Still unsure which tie you should wear tomorrow? Bear in mind the number one rule of wearing a tie: it should be darker than your shirt if you want to create a balance. Also, try as much as possible to avoid the matching pattern of your dress shirt and tie. For instance, consider a checkered shirt with a paisley tie to counterbalance the more casual checkered design. As part of your investment, a custom-tailored dress shirt would be better. Know more about dress shirt fitting by checking out Blank Label, a custom tailor online shop. Perfect Your Tie Dimple no matter if it’s a vibrant pocket square, a shiny set of cuff-links, or a stylish chronograph watch, it’s the details that make a gentleman when he gets ready for a special occasion or work. What’s a dimple, you may ask? A dimple is a natural divot at the top of your tie meant to look deceivingly unintentional. Honestly, getting your tie dimple right is an art that requires patience and a bit of practice.

Match Your Belt and Shoes

Matching. For women, it’s usually a lot of fun. For men, quite a real pain. Where to start? The rule couldn’t be simpler. Typically, the bigger the contrast between your shoes and your belt strap, the less stylish you’re going to look.

If you’ve got a dark brown pair of shoes, the most rational choice for the belt would be a darker brown one. If your belt has a different oxblood color, then an oxblood pair of shoes is a sure way to go. Yet, try not to lose your patience about a small variation in the tones of both items. That isn’t such a big deal, for instance, your shoes can be darker in the front than at the back, but as long as they’re closely similar in color, you’ve set yourself.

Don’t Sit in a Buttoned Jacket

We stand and sit down all day around. But sitting in a suit can quickly ruin it. Try to always unbutton your jacket before you sit down if you want to avoid stretching it out and maybe popping the button. That’s the kind of attention you don’t wish.

The Fit of Your Jacket is Crucial

Try not to be wary of a homely jacket. Even though you might want a roomier jacket, your suit jacket should fit loose. When you place your hands between your suit jacket and chest, it should have just a little room to move. But if your hands have plenty of room to wiggle, your jacket may be too loose. That’s the kind of thing that can easily ruin your look in a good suit.

Conclusion Feel Good Wearing a Suit

Follow our tips and you too will feel good wearing a suit.  When you feel good you exude confidence and confidence will take you where you want to go in life!  if your interested in learning more how to to dress like a gentleman read some of our other articles.