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A Guide to Being a Gentleman

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

A Guide to Being a Gentleman

Khaled Mazeedi has advice on how to be a gentleman. He says it’s not a choice rather a lifestly. Living a gentelmanly lifestlye provides you a reputation that’s hit the endangered species list. Being a gentleman revolves around one word: respect. It’s respect for yourself, those you care about, and those you want to care about.

Khaled Mazeedi wears many hats. He is a tech mogul turned famous YouTuber, actor, dubbed the “Sheikh of Social Media’—He is considered Dubai’s dapper gentleman. The internet celeb had over 10 million followers across his social media platforms, has been awarded “Arab Creator of the Year” by The  Youtuber Awards, “International Influencer of the Year” by the MTV IMW awards and has a net worth estimated at $20 million. Chivalry Magazine also listed Khaled as the best-dressed influencers of 2020.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Praised for his mannerism and style, Khaled shares tips on being savvy, looking polished, and showing respect:

1. A gentleman is always in style

I enjoy wearing a Perfectly fitted tailored suit from my bespoke tailors, and I have a soft spot for double-breasted suits and vests. I also like suspenders and love the contrast of the color you can pull off between them and your shirt. Every season has its pizzaz, and for example, during summer, I enjoy wearing linens or high twist wool suits. I prefer to go with lighter colors such as tobacco tones in shades of olive green or pale grey. I like going a bit more casual in the summer, but suits are always fit for any season, and for my summer suits, I opt for a southern Italian style. A majority of my summer wardrobe is tailored by boutique Neapolitan tailors like Cesare Attolini, Marinella, and Liverano.

Looking your best and being your best go hand in hand and how you present yourself is a form of expression that tells your tale. I am a fan of good first impressions, and I prefer to wear a tie and nicely fitted garments almost always. I tend to keep the colors of my outfit quite simple and perhaps with not more than two contrasting colors. Nothing can top a nice pair of derby’s, however, I am a huge fan of loafers, especially velvet, and if they are custom monogrammed, even better.

2. A gentleman never forgets his table manners.

I am an advocate of having proper table etiquette, and there are plenty of references out there in showing you the ropes. Still, I am always conscious of my surroundings, especially in public. I try not to disturb people around me and am always first to say give a smile or say hello, being kind to waiters and people around you is an essential pillar to a true gentleman. I also try my best not to be messy while I eat, but you can tell a lot about someone through their table manners, placing your spoon and fork side by side after eating is graceful and shows proper etiquette.

Being a Gentleman

3. A gentleman holds the door open.

A gentleman always opens the door for a lady, whether it is a car door or a door to a building. Chivalry is never out of style. It’s time to bring it back; it’s just classy and stylish.

4. A gentleman is always punctual.

Your word is your word. When a gentleman says something, he is up for it. This is why being on time is a test of your character, even your word. We aren’t perfect, so if you do miss the mark by a bit, a simple apology is enough, but follow it up with being confident in your reason for the meeting. To avoid these kinds of situations, plan ahead, and keep gaps between meetings.

5. A gentleman should always strive toward a higher standard

A connoisseur seeks quality first and takes pride in fine craftsmanship. Whether it is the streamline of a car, the exotic sound of an engine, or a finely aged cigar or even the interior finishing of an elegant home, a gentleman notices high standards because he strives for it.

6. A gentleman is confident, but not arrogant.

Real confidence cannot be faked, and thus a gentleman speaks less and lets his actions do the talking. Being overly boastful and pushy only signifies insecurity and arrogance. Find a median between the two and let the rest be history.