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What to Wear as an Attorney

What to Wear as an Attorney
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The typical image of an attorney is that of a man wearing a tailored suit. If you are currently studying to become a lawyer, chances are that you want to look the part too but don’t know where to start.

Normally, an attorney should look professional and confident. Although suits are traditionally known to be a lawyer’s usual attire, some attorneys have been seen in more casual clothing when working in their offices. 

How do you dress as a lawyer without being too flashy but also without making it too boring? Let’s consider what to wear as an attorney to make a good first impression.

Dress Code for Attorneys

Any experienced lawyer knows that different attire is needed based on the setting. Dressing codes are a bit different for men and women, and you should know when to dress casually or formally. 

– Dress Code for Male Attorneys

Usually, lawyers will spend a large amount of time doing work in their offices. They will occasionally go to court or other institutions, like libraries or spots, where they can interview clients. 

Male lawyers can dress either formally or casually, depending on the case. Generally speaking, casual attire is more suitable for events and gatherings that are not too formal. On the other hand, formal attire is more suitable for interviews, court appearances, client meetings, and other formal activities. 

Formal attire for a lawyer includes a white dress shirt and a tie that is neutrally collared under the suit. As for suit colors, navy or gray are the most common ones. 

Regarding casual attire, attorneys can wear something like a sports shirt with khakis or trousers, but golf shirts work amazingly too. Some lawyers also like adding a vest, cotton sweater, or sports jacket to their attire. 

Shoes are just as important as the suit, though. The industry standard is leather dress shoes worn with navy, dark gray, brown, or black socks underneath. 

– Dress Code for Female Attorneys

Female attorneys have more attire complexity compared to male attorneys. The number of female lawyers has increased considerably over the years, following years during which they only offered legal support without taking over legal cases. 

Watching Legally Blonde might’ve been inspiring, and seeing Elle Woods rocking her pink suits feels truly empowering. In real life, you should be very careful when you dress for court, as the dress code does not permit some things. 

For instance, you cannot wear the following:

  • Capris and miniskirts that end above your knee
  • Yoga style or stretch pants, or anything similar
  • Shirts with open backs, straps, halter tops, and so on
  • Low-cut tops and tight-fitting ones
  • Anything that shows too much leg or reveals any cleavage

Tips to Follow for a Suitable Lawyer Attire

Whether you dress casually or formally, you want to ensure that you respect the dress code while being perceived as dignified, strong, and professional. You must demand respect from everyone through your outfit. 

Here are a few tips you should follow if you want to wear the right attire as a lawyer:

– Go for Subtle Stripes, Solids, and Plain Weaves for Patterns

You do not always have to go for a simple suit. In fact, you can spice it up and pick something that has a pattern. 

Your best friends, in this case, are solids, subtle stripes, and plain weaves. You can wear a pinstripe in grey, dark blue, off-white, or white for subtle stripes. 

– Consider Single-Breasted Suits

If you are just starting, you can go for a two-piece suit. It makes your outfit more formal and easy to use in the beginning. You can also add a vest that is made of a fabric that matches the suit. Single-breasted suits are ideal in this case. 

But if you want to go more formal, you can choose a double-breasted suit. 

– Be Subtle

Don’t go for anything too crazy for your attire. This means you should avoid bold colors like pink, green, or yellow, even if they’re just stripes. Besides, the spacing between stripes should not be too bold and wide either. 

– Don’t Forget the Classic Tie

Ties are a common piece worn by attorneys. Neckties are traditional and go very well with an attorney’s suit. The best ones are silk ties that are jacquard woven or printed. 

Final Thoughts

As an attorney, your outfit is important for a good first impression, no matter the area or legal domain you’ve specialized in. For example, Mississippi had 687 fatal car crashes in 2020, with even more accidents resulting in injuries. People who are victims in such cases rely on Mississippi personal injury lawyers. Whether you are in Mississippi or any other area, you must wear your best attire when representing your clients in court. Follow these tips, and you’ll make the impression you desire.

Featured Image by LEANDRO AGUILAR from Pixabay