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What You Should Ask for This Christmas

Telling your loved ones what you want for Christmas is always a bit awkward, isn’t it? You never want to put too much pressure on them to go out and buy the perfect present, so you tell them that you don’t want anything in particular, right? But, at the same time, you want a surprise at Christmas, just like everybody else. It really is a catch 22.

But, there are ways to successfully circumvent the excruciating task that is asking for gifts: you just have to be very practical. Yes, you should ask for practical gifts, and if you want help with what exact practical gifts you should ask for, make sure to read on.


Smellies — you know, sets of shower gels, deodorants and aftershaves — might seem boring to ask for for Christmas, but they are very practical. Yes, you see smellies can really end up becoming a present that extends themselves way further than the holiday season because of how useful they are and how long they last. So, don’t be afraid to ask for a good old Lynx set this Christmas, no matter how boring you may feel when you do so.


Underwear as a Christmas present may seem just as boring as smellies, but it’s seriously not. This is because underwear for men is now just about as exciting and adventurous as it ever has been. Well, there are jockstraps, thongs and briefs to choose from, so what can ever be boring about that? And, if you do decide to ask for underwear this Christmas you can be sure that you will not have to go wanting when it comes to protecting your modesty — well, for the next year at least.

Stuff for the kitchen

Yes, kitchen appliances and accessories might not scream out ‘fun’, but they are practical. You see, if you were to, say, buy yourself a good food processor you would be able to save yourself loads of time when it comes to chopping food in the future. And, all of this spare time that you acquire for yourself can then be focused on other areas, like staying in bed for a bit longer of a morning!

A year’s worth of streaming

To save yourself being landed with a load of DVDs that you simply won’t get around to opening, let alone watching, then ask for a year’s worth of streaming. Specifically, what this means is that you should ask for a year’s subscription for any one of the top streaming services out there on the market today, be it Netflix or Amazon Prime, so that you can then watch whatever it is you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it, at your heart’s content. But, please note, you must have a device at hand that will allow you to stream and watch whatever streaming service you have been gifted!

A coat

You should ask for a coat for Christmas, but not just any coat. No, you should ask for a coat that will allow you to successfully circumvent the cold months of winter that we are all currently contending with. In other words, you should ask for a nice warm coat for Christmas. Yes, it might not provide you with an instant gratification in regards to excitement or fun. But, it will help to get you through those cold winter mornings that make you consider whether it is actually worth going to work or not!

A gym membership

Whether you’re in shape or not, everybody could do with a paid gym membership. Why? because when you have a gym membership paid for you you tend to be more inclined to actually go to the gym, and that means you will stay fitter! Yes, when that hurdle of actually forking out for the gym is crossed you will find going to the gym is actually easier than you ever imagined it would be. So, get a gym membership on top of your Christmas list! Or, ask for something that will induce workouts from you at home, like a yoga mat.

Everybody has something that they really want for Christmas, they’re either too sensible or too money conscientious to ask for it. But, there is never anything wrong with asking for something for Christmas, especially when what you ask for is one of the practical gifts listed above. However, just make sure that when you ask for a gift you are more than willing to return the favour and provide those you are asking with a present of their own!

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