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Best Christmas Gadgets For Men To Truly Cherish

This holiday season is your chance to show your man just how much you love him by giving a special gift. Yes, this season is not about the material value of the gift that you are giving, but it still helps a lot if you can give him something to cherish for many years. With a wide array of choices available, deciding what to give him should be quite easy.

The Wheel

This is a record player that takes you back to the past but with a very modern twist. It is a minimalist record player that can be easily controlled. You can turn it on or off. You can also increase and decrease the volume easily. It can be wirelessly connected to speakers and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. It comes in various colours and styles.

Google Pixel 2

Is your man the type who hates the hype? If you want to give him a smartphone that is not the overhyped iPhone X, this could be the best choice. With upgraded cameras, speakers and other features, this is a perfect option. It also has a fast charging capability. The only downside is that for a non-iPhone device, it is quite pricey, and the size is also quite small.

Video Doorbell

It might sound weird to have a doorbell as a gift, but this is not your ordinary doorbell. It is beyond what you can expect in a doorbell. It is also a monitoring device that works well even at night. You can get an alert if someone presses the button or hold a 2-way conversation. You can also leave home safely and any footage of visitors coming to your door will be immediately recorded.

Vivoactive 3 by Garmin

This is one of the biggest contenders in the smartwatch market right now. Given its features that are not available in other models, it is the one to beat. Add to that its battery life that can last for up to 7 days. It is really durable and does not have to be charged all the time.

Hair loss treatment

Do women like bald men? Generally speaking, it is not a really good look. However, if you love someone, you will accept him for who he is. Hair loss treatment can still be a perfect gift though. Procedures like hair tattoo, scalp tattooing and scalp micropigmentation are a good option. It does not mean you no longer love him because of losing his hair, but you want him to look even better. Key questions to answer before making a final decision about this gift include: what is scalp micropigmentation? and what does scalp micropigmentation cost? If you think it could work, you can give it as a treat for your man.

Try any of these options and make your man happy.