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Top 10 Tips On How To Become A Well-Paid Freelancer

Google the words “freelance career”, and you will see what an incredible popularity has acquired such topic. Moreover, a huge number of websites offers their services of connecting potential employers with appropriate human resources to complete their projects.

What is freelancing and how can it benefit you personally? In this article, we will try fully clarify this topic.

A self-employed worker or freelancer is a person who works via the Internet, generally without an agreement with employer on long-term cooperation.

More recently, the bulk of self-employed freelancers were programmers, designers, copywriters or translators. Today freelance is engaged both by professionals and people who do not have special education and experience.

The Internet provides many websites to find an executor of an order or responding to a proposal for remote work attendant. Also, it unites a lot of people for whom freelancing became both an extra job and specific philosophy of life.

For those who want to earn extra income while doing their favourite thing, we have prepared an article on how to become a freelancer.

1. Well-paid freelancer must carefully assess his forces and agree only on those conditions that he will be able to perform. It is important to have a responsible approach, correct motivation and to be self-organised. Unfortunately, not all self-employed workers are serious about their projects; for someone, it is just an extra job for additional experience.

2. Each client has his own idea of a process, which could affect some previous unsuccessful experience with self-employed workers. As a result, customers are trying to select an employee for their projects carefully. One of the key criteria for a client, it is an assessments and feedbacks that the self-employed worker received for completed projects in the past. It is not always possible to find a common language for various reasons. So the freelancer also needs to think twice before starting any work.

3. If an award for work is a main thing for you, remember that it can depend on long-term cooperation. Customers, like self-employed workers, have feedbacks from past performers. Each client has statistics on completed work and exact payments on them. For example, if a client publishes a job and his profile does not contain a story, then there is a possibility that either he looks at the possibility of transferring work to a self-employed freelancers or he analyses offers.

4. There must be a big number of submitted applications for project and do not forget that applications must coincide with your skills. A number of applications to which a potential client answers, primarily depends on the profile of the self-employed worker.

5. Attention, which a self-employed worker pays to description of the project, is crucial for most of the clients. You must make it clear that self-employed worker has a look at part of description and put forward information useful to the client: possible ways of implementation, estimated time, rate, etc.

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6. The client not always gives a necessary data for the assessment, but in this case, it is necessary to ask questions that may lead your client to idea that his freelancer is fully interested in understanding all tasks of the project, which is important at the beginning of the cooperation.

7. With good profile, positive relationships with one’s client, self-employed worker will have a credible profile. Do not hesitate to ask your customers to leave a feedback about your cooperation, as this could be a distinctive factor for your potential employers when deciding to hire you.

8. There are some possible risks when you’re preparing an assessment for your potential client. In each project, from the very beginning, it is necessary to prioritise client’s requirements. Try to find some middle ground. Demand creates proposal, and self-employed worker can check the market of offers and make their offer based on the market.

9. The freelancer may remain as the middleman; this is a very common type of small freelance business. All you need is to find customers, and then perform the assigned work with a self-employed worker. You will receive various offers, for example, ‘pay someone to write my paper’, and then you will select appropriate performers for the exact price and quality. They will do the work that you give to the customer and will make money for it.

10. The most common problem of self-employed-beginner worker is the search for orders. Even experienced professionals spend a lot of time on communication with their client. Terms of transaction are negotiated, deadlines for delivery of work are determined, etc. In some cases, this can take up to one-third of your time working on the project. Starting out freelancing, many people are looking for work primarily on special exchanges. One of the most promoted websites is freelancer.com, which is a popular international platform.

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