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All-Time Classic Activities for Fathers and Kids

When people talk about activities that fathers do with their kids – and many would refer to these as father-son activities – what comes to mind are the sort of activities that produce conversation, educational experiences, and the development of practical skills.

The reason that they’re so often referred to as father-son activities is that they tend to be seen as the passing-on of skills and wisdom from male to male, often in the hopes that the young one will grow up to be a resourceful patriarch for their own family one day. This is an admirable goal, of course, but these are still great activities for fathers and daughters, too – provided they’re interested! (The same goes for sons, too!)

Let’s take a look at some classic activities for fathers and kids and why they’re so great.


Call it clichéd, but there’s a reason such an activity has stood the test of time in this context. It’s excellent at teaching patience and rewarding the subtle application of strength. But it’s not just that; the fact is that the vast majority of the time you spend “fishing” is spent just sitting there and waiting. That makes it the perfect opportunity to have great conversations with your kid. The advice for which you get the opportunity to share during fishing won’t always be about fishing – you can discuss much greater things. Make sure you get clued in on the right equipment and techniques using sources such as Fishing Reporters.

Car work

Cars need to be maintained. So why not get your kid involved in the work? A lot of people aren’t clued up on how cars operate, and that really does work to everyone’s detriment. If you don’t know how to maintain a car and even do a few repairs yourself, then you end up having to spend a lot of money getting other people to do it for you. Not only that, but without that hands-on attentions cars simply wear away much faster than they should.


Teaching your kid the importance of giving back should never be underestimated. You can both sign up for a little volunteer work at a shelter or for a charity organization. Not every job that’s worth doing is going to pay you – and this is something it’s worth getting kids used to from a young age. Together, you can observe worlds that are less fortunate than yours – something that, inarguably, is lacking from the mindset of many young people. (Heck, it seems to be missing from most adults, too!)


Sure, it’s not quite as adventurous, outgoing, or practical as the others… or is it? Reading is an incredible skill to have, and fathers should be encouraging interest in reading well beyond actually teaching their kids to read. Great literature helps people see complex archetypes that they can aspire to, as well as increasing their empathy and emotional depths. Plus, so many mistakes in life can be avoided if people actually took the time to read what they were supposed to, right? Get some new books or visit your local library. Look for something challenging and inventive that you can work through together.