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Things That Modern Man Aspires To

The great thing about the modern man is that there is no single image, no single type that covers everyone.  The modern man can be the father, the husband or partner, the lover, the friend as well as aspiring to be anything from a good parent to a billionaire.  But what are the most popular things that modern man aspires to?

The family man

For some men, their aspirations are based around their home.  They want to get married or live with someone they love and have kids.  Their most important aspiration is to be a great parent and to either pass on the love and lessons learned from their own dad or perhaps go in a different direction to their parents.  The modern man can learn from the past, from others and even from remote sources such as the internet and TV – how to be a good parent, what parenting styles to use and what not to do.

Financial security


Another major aspiration for the modern man is personal finance security and independence.  Sure, we all dream about winning the lottery and that’s great fun – we talk about the huge houses we would buy, the fancy cars and the exotic locations we would visit.  But the modern man doesn’t bank on this and wants to create a real path to this dream.

One of the biggest growth sectors in employment is becoming self-employed and the freelancer in his many forms looks set to account for 40% of Americans by 2020.  This means the modern man aspires to be an entrepreneur, to have his own business and to be financial secure through this.  He isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve this and to make sacrifices while following a plan that will have a clearly defined goal.  No more hoping to be famous or strike it rich – the modern man is a man with a plan.

Experiencing the wider world

Whether with his kids, his partner or on his own, the modern man wants to see more of the wider world than just the area in which he lives.  He wants to see far flung locations, try new food and sports and gain the most experiences possible.  He wants to see those famous places, glimpse the hidden secrets and find something that maybe no-one has before.  Part of being financially secure means the ability to fulfil this dream and to do so without running up debts.

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