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3 Essential Ingredients for a Man’s Night In

Has it been way too long since you’ve hung out properly with your boys? If so, perhaps it’s nigh time that you get to work arranging a man’s night in. Should the idea of getting all of your favourite people together under one roof appeal; you’re going to need to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients. From booze, to poker, here’s a run down of our three essential ingredients for a world-class man’s night in.


Food and drink

First things first, you’re going to need to make sure your guests are suitably satiated. Fortunately, this is the easiest part of the organisation as all you’ll need is beers, a couple of spirits and mixers, and perhaps even some wine for the more discerning amongst your friendship group. Food options can also be kept simple. Essentially, all you need to stock up on is things you can eat with your hands; we’re talking chips and dips, or pizzas. If you have the energy and you want to gain some brownie points, you can fire up the grill and cook up some burgers, sausages, and even some wings for a real treat.


Although there’s nothing wrong with an evening of conversation, at some stage you might need something to keep your guests occupied. Great options include organising the night around a sporting event, a simple movie night, or for something a little more special, why not consider arranging a beer tasting?




All men love a dose of friendly competition, and that’s why it’s important to introduce a touch of rivalry to your man’s night in. Perhaps you could play some poker or some pool if you have a table? Maybe you could place a few friendly wagers on the results of the match you’re watching? And, if you’re a gang who like gaming, there’s always the option of organising a tournament based around one of your favourite games, or a new release.

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