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The Importance of a Good Quality Pillow

The Importance of a Good Quality Pillow
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

At some point in your life, you have probably woken up with a stiff, sore neck due to how you slept the night before. This is not a pleasant experience and can often last for the whole day, if not longer. A poor-quality pillow often causes this discomfort.   

We spend, on average, 26 years or a third of our lives in bed, which makes it well worth spending a little time to get your sleeping arrangement right. To create a comfortable space that will allow you to sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Instead of wincing with neck pain whenever you try to turn your head.  

Why a good quality pillow is essential. 

Pillows are essential to a good night’s sleep and are far more than just something to put your head on. If the upper part of your body does not get the support it needs, it will often lead to a difficult night’s sleep and leave you with aches, pains, and stiffness. A supportive pillow will help keep your head and neck fully supported and your spine, shoulders, and hips aligned. 

How to tell if you need a new pillow?  

Sadly, pillows do not last forever; many will need replacing after a few years of service. If you are not sure when you last bought a new pillow, the chances are it is time for a new one!  

Signs to look out for:  

  • Your pillow has a musty smell or a nasty smell of any kind, even after it has been washed. 
  • It has lost all of its shape and, when folded in half, does not spring back into shape. This is a sign that its best days are behind it, and sadly it needs replacing.  
  • You frequently sneeze in bed; this can be due to dust mites that have moved into your pillow, which is an excellent reason to get a new one! A hypoallergenic pillow may help, as they are inhospitable to dust mites and may help reduce the irritation.  
  • You wake up in the morning with shoulder and back pain. This pain can signify that your pillow is not supporting your head, neck, and upper back.   
  • As we sleep, we can sweat and drool; this moisture is then absorbed by the pillowcase and stains it an unattractive yellow. If this is your pillow, you would be somewhat embarrassed if people saw it without its pillowcase. It is time for something new.  

What to look for in a good pillow.  

Your pillow is critical to help you have a comfortable night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day. A good pillow will support you and keep your neck and back aligned.  

It is a good idea to look for a breathable pillow as it will help keep you at the right temperature for sleeping and prevent overheating. 

 If you have allergies to dust mites, choose a hypoallergenic pillow that is inhospitable to bacteria and dust mites, like the hybrid bamboo pillow from Panda London. Not only will it help you to sleep more peacefully, but it will also keep you fully supported as it contours beautifully to any sleeping position.   

Pillow care. 

Keeping your pillow clean and in good shape will help it to stay at its best for longer. Many pillows are not washable but have a soft cover designed to protect the inside of the pillow. You can remove the cover and wash it regularly to keep your pillow clean.   

A good quality pillow can make a massive difference to your sleep, and choosing the right one will give you many hours of restful sleep.   

Featured Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay