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5 Nighttime Rituals for a Good Night’s Sleep

5 Nighttime Rituals for a Good Night’s Sleep
Photo by Valentina Ivanova on Unsplash

Morning routines are so popular. Exercising, journaling, making your bed, and eating a healthy breakfast before getting ready for work are awesome. 

But the nighttime ritual is just as important. It promotes good sleep and ensures you wake up the following morning refreshed, happy, and ready to tackle the day (including your morning routine). This is also one of the benefits of meditation with a Japanese stress ball.

If you’re used to always being on the go, learning to cherish your evenings might be hard at first. But they allow you the space to wind down after a long day and give your mind and body the relaxation they deserve. Ready in time for bed!

According to Arianna Huffington, the bestselling author of The Sleep Revolution, “routines help us internalise behaviour so it becomes natural and we no longer have to think about it. This is especially important at night, as a set ritual helps tell your mind and body that it’s time to begin to wind down.”

Do you struggle with sleeping or relaxing at the end of the day? Then you need a nighttime ritual – and we’ve got five ideas for you. 

Take a bath 

There’s just something about dipping into a warm bath at the end of the day that helps your body relax. There’s a reason Japanese love to take a long, hot soak in a bath or ‘onsen’ (hot spring). 

Add magnesium-rich Epsom bath salts and relaxation-promoting lavender oil to your soak, and your mind will be primed for a good night’s sleep. 

Light a scented candle

Scented candle
Photo by Marius Cern on Unsplash

Candles are at the epicenter of a cozy lifestyle. Danish love them for the natural light they provide and their ability to cozy up any space. And with Denmark constantly topping up the charts for the happiest country in the world, we should all heed the advice and add more candles to our lives!

“Fragranced candles have the power to set a mood and create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home – perfect for unwinding,” says Helen Armstrong, Founder of Apsley

No electronic devices 

Sleep has a tremendous impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. Over the last few years, numerous studies have shown the negative impact blue light has on our sleep. In fact, limiting any kind of bright light before bedtime is good practice. 

Banish electronic devices from your bedroom 30 minutes before going to sleep. Turn on a lamp, and your eyelids will get heavy in no time!

Read a book

Reading before bedtime is a proven way to relieve stress and allow your body to relax. A good old-fashioned physical book is our preferred choice as it keeps the electronic devices out of the room. 

But if you’re an ebook reader, adjust the hue on your device to a warm tone – or, better yet, use an ebook reader light. If you’re an audiobook type of person, keep your phone on Aeroplane mode and don’t look at it!

Diffuse essential oils 

Essential oils have been part of humanity’s well-being since the dawn of time. “A reed diffuser is a subtle and effective way to reap the benefits of essential oils,” adds Armstrong. 

Flower scents are known to reduce stress levels, and lavender, rose, geranium, and bergamot oils are the best for nighttime relaxation. 


Unwinding at nighttime is important for your overall well-being, and it should be acknowledged as the self-care ritual we all need in our busy lives. The consequences of sleep deprivation are many, but with these five nighttime rituals, you’re on the right track for a good night’s sleep

Featured Photo by Valentina Ivanova on Unsplash