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Risky Future – Top Signs That You Are Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd

Risky Future – Top Signs That You Are Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd
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Humans are social creatures, so obviously, we will seek acceptance from other people. Depending on who we hang out with, we can become very successful entrepreneurs with a bright future – or we may end up behind bars, busted for drugs, or murder.

Our friends can influence our habits and behavior. Sometimes, this is not for the best, and it can put your future at risk. You may want to look for some red flags to avoid potential problems with the law. Here are some signs that you are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

They’re Pressuring You to Leave Your Old Friends

There is nothing wrong with changing your friends at some point in life. It’s a transition that we all go through. Some people will exit our lives, allowing others to enter. Sometimes, we control it, whereas other times, it just happens.

The problem is when your new group pressures you into leaving your old group just so you can hang in with them. They may come up with different excuses: “they’re not like us” or “they’ll ruin the mood if they come here.” By pushing your old friends away from you, they eliminate potential “inconveniences” so that they may push you into worse behavior.

They Are Secretive About Their Whereabouts

Usually, when someone has nothing to hide, they will have no problem telling where they are going or who they are with. Sure, we are all entitled to our secrets, but it might be a red flag when this happens too often.

Whether they are always vague with you or continuously ask you for “discretion,” you may want to ask yourself why. It might suggest they are doing something most people would not approve of. It may also indicate that they’ve had so many run-ins with the law, so keeping everything a secret is something they do instinctively.

The Have Misplaced Morality 

We can all have certain opinions of what is right and wrong. That said, when most of their thoughts have misplaced morality, it might signal more trouble down the road. Perhaps their racist beliefs rival Hitler, or maybe they constantly say about criminals that “they have a point.”

Chris Eskew has defended many people; in most cases, criminals are driven by a wrong sense of morality. Regardless of the consequences, they believed that their actions were right. Such odd senses of right and wrong are usually signaled early. When they are exhibited, you should know that you are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

They Have a Tendency to Be Impulsive

We all live in a society – and as a result, we need to restrain our behavior. While the occasional “daring move” is not bad, as long as it leads to something good, it’s high impulsivity levels that you should be aware of.

Dysfunctional impulsivity is often linked to antisocial behavior and the tendency to commit crimes. If the people you hang out with seem to be frequently impulsive, starting fights and displaying their testosterone, you may want to rethink the crowd you are hanging out with.

They Have Been Arrested Before

Getting arrested once is nothing to be ashamed of. Circumstances may differ. Perhaps you got into a bar fight where you defended yourself and your friends from a drunk person. Or perhaps you did something bad without knowing what you were getting yourself into, and you got caught in the crossfire. These incidents are redeemable as long as you ensure they are not repeated.

That being said, if the people in your crowd have been arrested more than once and they brush it off, you may take it as a negative sign. These people usually don’t feel bad about their repeated offenses; they only feel bad about getting caught. Next time, they will be more careful – because with these guys, there will be a next time. 

If they got arrested once and are not sorry, they will likely be arrested again. And next time, they may drag you along with them.

The Bottom Line

Hanging out with the wrong crowd can put your future in danger. While we don’t like to judge people for their mistakes, the warning bells are sometimes deafening. If you feel like the crowd you are hanging out with is not the best, you may consider changing it.

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