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How Can It Be by Larry Santos – Guiding People to Redemption and Salvation through Personal Examples

How Can It Be by Larry Santos – Guiding People to Redemption and Salvation through Personal Examples
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Life has a purpose, but most people fail to identify or understand it due to their preoccupation with leisurely activities or a careless approach to consuming the limited time in the world. Every creation has a purpose and objective in this world, and it must fulfill that purpose to accomplish the rationale of existence. Spirituality and faith shape and influence people’s perceptions, attitudes, and behavior regarding life’s meaning and purpose. Faith and spirituality typically stem from religion and religious beliefs and people’s devotion to a particular religion. Every religion teaches people the true purpose of life and the objective of a person’s existence. The common denominator regarding life’s purpose in all religions is choosing good over evil and leading a constructive life while seeking salvation and redemption for eternal bliss. Life’s purpose in Christianity also resembles other religions by iterating that the world is a proving ground for humanity. People must prove themselves by choosing enlightenment over ignorance and sin while leading constructive lives according to God’s will and spreading God’s message to others. 

Understanding God’s Will

Millions continue living in ignorance without understanding their true purpose or God’s will regarding their existence. They continue without God’s enlightenment or spirituality and vainly consume their limited time in the world. Every life must end, but life’s quality, purpose, and legacy are in a person’s hands. People can choose a path of constant partying and frolicking like there is no tomorrow or spend their limited time constructively while seeking spirituality, enlightenment, and faith. Faith plays a primary role in helping people find and fulfill the true purpose of their lives and reconnecting them with God. God also creates opportunities for people to mend their ways, but many fail to identify the message or opportunity. Lawrence T. Santos was also on a wayward path of partying, alcohol and drug abuse, and unruly behavior before an epiphany changed his life. The epiphany transformed Santos’ perception regarding life and introduced him to an enlightened path leading to redemption and salvation.

Guide to Spirituality

Lawrence T. Santos, also known as Larry Santos, is an author who wrote his debut book, “How Can It Be.” The book is a guide to help people in their quest for spirituality and find life’s true meaning or purpose by reconnecting with God. Santos was a warehouse worker and lived a seemingly happy life full of partying, alcohol, and drugs. Many people associate such activities with happiness and fulfillment. However, they constitute disruptive and antisocial behavior that leads to an endless cycle of addiction and misery. Santos was among the many who associated partying, drinking, and drugs with fun and happiness. Santos also engaged in antisocial and criminal activities while evading law enforcement due to a lack of direction and interest in adventure. However, everything changed when he had an epiphany while driving back home.

Mending Ways

The rapidly changing circumstances and events led Santos to a new path of enlightenment and spirituality while compelling him to revisit his past behavior and contemplate his actions and plans. Santos mended his ways by reconnecting with God and using faith to find enlightenment and mending his ways. He wrote the book to help people improve their lives and find God by illustrating his example and journey from sin to redemption and salvation. How Can It Be by Larry Santos explains how people can transform their lives through faith and spirituality. The author illustrates the challenges he faced during his journey of enlightenment and spirituality. The book helps people understand life’s meaning and purpose while guiding them to redemption and salvation. The personal perspective offered by Santos in How Can It Be enables readers to relate to his circumstances and transformation from a life of sin to enlightenment and spirituality. 

Finding Faith

Finding faith and reconnecting with God changed Santos’ life and enabled him to mend his ways according to God’s will. The book shows how Santos transformed from an antisocial and disruptive individual involved in criminal activities, drugs, and alcohol to a reformed person. The author highlights how reading various Bible passages and learning about King David transformed his perspective. He also shows how meeting with multiple individuals and families during his transformation renewed his faith and strengthened his belief in God. The book is a unique medium for understanding the true purpose of life while recognizing how people can turn their lives around without making significant changes or effort. How Can It Be by Larry Santos guides people to salvation and redemption by offering the author’s examples of transformation.

Featured Image by Himsan from Pixabay