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Simple Steps to Avoid Premature Ageing

Modern life takes its toll on us all, both mentally and physically, and it is all too easy to wake one morning and see your father staring back at you from the mirror. While it is impossible to turn back the sands of time, there are a few tips that all of us can follow in our day-to-day lives to stay youthful-looking for longer, without having to resort to the surgeon’s knife!


Anyone who shares their home with a lady will know all about the assorted creams and potions that fill the bathroom shelves. But men have skin too, and it is just important to look after it. Dry skin exaggerates the signs of ageing, and the most critical time is at night, which is when your skin tends to dry out.

Use a good quality cream, and pay particular attention around the eyes to combat those dreaded crows feet before they have a chance to take hold.

Dental care

According to one Dublin dentist, we all know what we are supposed to do, but not all of us do it. Visit your dentist every six months, brush your teeth twice a day and remember to floss. Make a commitment to stick to these rules, and you will thank yourself in the years to come!

A leading toothcare company has recently published some research suggesting that a whiter smile can make you look at least five years younger. Older people are described as “long in the tooth” for a reason, reflecting the long term effects of gum disease causing the gums to recede.

Lose the beard

However fashionable it might be among hipsters, there is no denying that facial hair makes you look older – maybe even ten years older, according to one study.

Shaving also leads to healthier skin, as it removes dead cells and stimulates collagen production.

While we are on the subject of hair, don ‘t forget the eyebrows, nose and ears, if you want to avoid looking like an unkempt old vagrant.

Watch your diet

Nobody needs telling that a diet of beer, cakes and kebabs is not doing your health any favours, but it can also add years onto your appearance.

Sugar damages collagen and ultimately has an effect on skin elasticity. As for the demon drink – alcohol causes dehydration and long-term over indulgence makes the blood vessels dilate, leading to those spider-like red veins that are such a common sight in those who like a drink or five.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are great to keep you looking younger, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch all your favourites. As with so many aspects of life, moderation in all things is a good rule to follow.


One of the best ways to look and feel younger is by keeping fit. Regular moderate exercise gets the heart pumping, increases your metabolism and can even slow the ageing process in your skin.

Taken in combination with the dietary advice, it can also help shift that muscle fat and improve your posture.