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First Date or Last Date: Be Smart

There’s an old saying that first impressions last, and when it comes to the first date, that goes for the full 9 yards.

The first date is when everything gets established.  She knows more about you on that first date, if you’ve picked the itinerary, so you must be smart or you’ll be left high and dry.  That’s the trick, who picks the first date.  If she does, be on your toes and prepare to do some research if she picks a band or movie that you know nothing about.  You, asking, questions fifty times during the date gives her the opportunity to speak her mind about the venue, but in the end, you’ll just be lost in the conversational sauce.

You need to be proactive on the first date, but not to the degree of being considered pushy or domineering.  Always bow to her cuisine choices.  She’ll be comfy and happy but try to get her to go to a restaurant that serves her favorite cuisine but is not one of her familiar stomping grounds.  This will avoid friends and interlopers from interrupting the date, like cousins interrupting your dinner to satisfy their curiosity with embarrassing questions.

The first date should only be about you and her.  No audience, no fans in the stands.  You want her full and undivided attention so that the important things of association are accepted.  The comfortable atmosphere is the foundation for whatever occurs during the date and will make for a good memory for a lifetime.  You want order to be the backdrop, but you don’t want some regimented experience.  This is how the magic works.  You’ll both be off on solid ground, agreeing to most things, yet most important, the forging of a team that handles life’s events and adventures with good humor and love.  Things may not end in marriage but it will have the first date memories that should be the lead experience of the both of you.  A date is like a new brick in the wall.  You’re building a foundation on which to rest your relationship and the first date is where the magic takes off or crashes and burns.

The conversation you have should always be supportive.  No wisecracks or invalidating remarks, just let her talk about herself.  If she starts needling you for every detail of your life, you’ll have to make one of those important decisions as to whether or not divulge your innermost secrets.


Keep yourself a mystery, an adventure that she’ll have to follow if she’s really interested.  Just in case, bringing her a gift on the first date is a good idea. Things men buy online for the first date can range from a new suit to a bouquet of flowers.

So, you have here to pick a setting that’s comfortable for the both of you, her, most important.  Let her feel like she’s the most important thing in your mind.  Do things that pique her curiosity to further want to interact with you over a longer term.

If all is done just right, and any boo-boos attributed to memory giggles, then your first date should be a successful one, if not one worth writing home to ma about.